"Children Shouldn't Have To Use Trauma As Fuel": Fans Are Defending Blue Ivy After Beyoncé Revealed She Saw The Negative Comments

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé premiered in Los Angeles, and it was a star-studded event.

Beyoncé onstage
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While it was a moment to celebrate the "Renaissance" world tour and Miss Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter, the movie also revealed a concerning behind-the-scenes segment about her daughter's concert appearances, which stole the show.

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According to the New York Times, Blue Ivy was only supposed to perform once, and even then, Beyoncé needed some convincing. "She told me she was ready to perform, and I told her no," Beyoncé said in the documentary.

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Blue Ivy Carter, 11, is the eldest child of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who also have 6-year-old twins, Rumi and Sir.

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Kyle Buchanan of the Times wrote, "Though she finally relented, Beyoncé was dismayed when Blue Ivy read comments on social media that criticized her lackluster moves. But it thrilled her mother that instead of quitting, she decided to put in the work and train even harder for future stops."

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I remember when Blue first performed in the "Renaissance" world tour in Paris to "My Power" and "Black Parade." While Beyoncé posted a beautiful tribute on her Instagram, other folks took it upon themselves to critique the 11-year-old's choreography.

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"My beautiful first born 🙏🏾 I'm so proud and thankful to be your mama," the caption read. "You bring us so much joy, my sweet angel."

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Like Beyoncé, most of us were basking in the reality that the same adorable toddler who congratulated her mother at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, saying, "Good job, Mommy," was now a preteen killin' choreography in front of 80,000 people. But others found time to be negative.

GIF of Blue Ivy saying "Good job, Mommy!" and clapping
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Here's an example of the comments directed to Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 11-year-old daughter regarding her first live performance:

Blue Ivy cannot dance, she looks like she hates being out there. She is not energetic at all. Poor baby!
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You are sooo correct! She will not follow in her mother's footsteps
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Now that Beyoncé let the world know that her daughter did, in fact, see the nasty comments, I'm sure many bitter adult trolls are wallowing in embarrassment.

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Fortunately, many fans are speaking out in support of Blue and highlighting how unfortunate and disgusting this type of internet behavior is. Others are praising Blue for her resilience in the face of ignorance. Here's what they're saying:

Twitter: @beyoncegarden

Twitter: @NotArguinWitchu

Blue Ivy knowing and reading you all's comments about her breaks my heart; she's just a kid. I know y'all are twisting this to show that she's "resilient," but we do need to realize that no child should have to be resilient

Twitter: @akhil_nair_777

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Folks really got on here talking about this child like she couldn't see it. I'm happy that Blue Ivy used it as motivation but children shouldn't have to use trauma as a fuel when they should be allowed to just be

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So next time somebody thinks it's funny to post negative, hateful, and unintelligent comments on social media about a whole child, consider they might actually see it — and you will still forever be a bag of wet garbage.

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Congratulations to Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and all their success in the face of haters.