Fans Declare Taco Bell Is ‘on Fire’ With New Cheesy Summer Menu Offering

Taco Bell

Fans are revved up about Taco Bell and a new menu item coming to locations nationwide in July, with a couple of loyal customers declaring that the brand is "on fire" in 2024.

Food influencer Markie Devo announced on Instagram that Taco Bell would be bringing Cheesy Street Chalupas, previously a test item, to menus across the U.S. on July 18, along with Jalapeño Ranch Nacho Fries.

The new chalupas include your choice of meat, jalapeños, cilantro, onion, ranch sauce and a lot of cheese—and fans can't wait to get their hands on the upcoming menu item. There will also be a couple of combo deals available after the Cheesy Street Chalupas are introduced.

"I swear they're on fire with the releases this year 😭👌🏼," said one fan, as another felt the same, writing a similar comment as they challenged other food chains to get to Taco Bell's level, "Taco bell is on fire this year! Other restaurants need to step up."

A different fan proclaimed, "Taco bell is going crazyyyy! I love it!!!!" while someone else slyly said, "I wouldn’t be mad if they released this early."

More fans said the Cheesy Street Chalupas "look amazing" and they "can't wait for these," and one customer even declared the upcoming menu item their "favorite item EVER !!!!"

Before its debut on menus nationwide in July, the Cheesy Street Chalupas were test items in October last year. It seems like the chalupas went well with fans, as Taco Bell is bringing them to the whole country soon. The food chain is also adding two new drinks, the Strawberry Limonada and Vanilla Creme Limonada, to the menu in June.

These days, Taco Bell is testing other new items that fans everywhere can hopefully taste in the future, such as new Dipping Burritos that fans in Detroit, Mich., got to try.

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