Fans Declare They 'Must Find' Newly-Released Icee Flavor: 'Take My Money'

A large variety of icee flavors.

Icee fans are clamoring over a newly-released flavor, and they're not ashamed to tell the brand, "Take my money."

According to a recent joint post shared via Instagram by food blogs Snackolator and Cereal Life on Tuesday, May 7, the company unveiled a Froot Loops flavored frozen beverage.

"🥤Dying for this Froot Loops ICEE drop!! Lately, Kellogg’s has been crazy with ‘mouth-cooling tech’," the caption of the upload read. "This, along with many other releases were announced at the last National Restaurant Show."

Last year's conference—which is "the premier event for the food service industry" that presents opportunities for inspiration and innovation, as well as "new ways to run your business and new items to put on your menu," according to its website—was held during spring in Chicago. This year's show is slated for May 18-21.

As for the new Icee, though the social media post claims it is "expected to drop this year," some fans chimed in noting that they've already come across the sweet treat in certain retail locations.

"High’s Stores in Baltimore has it 👍," one wrote, while another said, "It’s already at my local thorntons."

"Theirs a pretzel shop in a flea market where I live that has the slushee already, forgot to try it when I went so no opinion yet," a third added.

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Others simply showed excitement for the flavor innovation.

"We must find it," one adamant social media user chimed in, with an additional commenter echoed that sentiment: "I Need This Now 🙌🏿."

More dropped by to share their reactions, penning notes like, "I just want the cup 🤩😂," "This looks refreshing 💖," and "Take my money."

"This could either be really good or really bad 👀," yet another curious follower theorized.

Meanwhile, if you're in the mood for something cold and sweet as the weather heats up, Wendy's recently debuted a limited-edition Orange Dreamsicle Frosty, McDonald's revived its McCafé Oreo Frappé, and there's a brand new frozen Cotton Candy beverage at Burger King.

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