Fans Concerned at ‘Unhealthy’ Reason Marlon Wayans Never Married

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 04: Marlon Wayans visits SiriusXM Studios on April 04, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images)

Fans of Marlon Wayans are raising their eyebrows over a comment he made during a recent interview about the real reason he never got married.

The topic of marriage came up during a conversation the actor and comedian had with The Interview, a New York Times podcast. Wayans’ episode was released on May 4.

During the interview, Wayans said that, prior to his mother’s death in 2020 at 81, he had worried over how having another serious relationship with a woman would impact her.

"I never got married because I never wanted my mother to be jealous of a woman,” the 51-year-old Scary Movie actor told the Times. “I never wanted my mother to feel second to any woman.”

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It was “one of five reasons” that he never married, Wayans explained, joking that it was probably “number two,” while his top reason was worrying that he would mess up his own hypothetical marriage beyond repair.

“Everybody that knows that I haven’t been married, they say, 'All you did was skip two divorces,’” he added. “And my mom was very needy.”

The Wayans Bros. alum also mentioned that he had revealed that truth to his mother, Elvira Altheia, shortly before she died. "I told my mother on her deathbed, I said, ’I never got married because I always wanted you to be my number one girl,’” Wayans recalled. “Those were my last words. I said, ‘Take that to heaven with you.’”

But Wayans’ fans weren’t sure that his “reason” for not getting married was the healthiest perspective. When People shared comments from Wayans’ conversation with the Times on social media, several Instagram users left red flag emojis in the comment section as they warned others about comments like his.

“So many 🚩🚩🚩🚩in that statement,” one person wrote.

“That…doesn’t seem healthy,” one Instagram user said as another agreed it seemed “very unhealthy.”

“That’s toxic as hell,” another fan chimed in.

Other fans suggested his comments masked a true yearning to remain single.

“It’s ok to say you just want to be single 🤷🏻‍♀️,” one person said.

"If you're afraid of commitment just say that, Marlon!” another Instagram user wrote. “Ladies, this is all the red flags you need to run!!”

“Men will use any excuse not to put a ring on it,” another fan declared.

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