Fans Claim New Flavors of Exclusive McDonald's Menu Item Are 'Life Changing'

McDonald's sign.

McDonald's locations all around the world offer very different menu items, and one particular product is getting two new flavors that have fans claiming they're "life changing."

The newly unveiled flavors of the McShaker Fries offered in Canada and other geographic markets were shared via Instagram by food blog Snackolator on Tuesday, May 28.

Appearing to be a pack of fries with seasoning packets, the fast food item is causing a stir among fans of the Home of the Golden Arches.

"McDonald's just dropped TWO new flavors of McShaker fries... but in Canada!" the caption opened.

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The post included photos of the new additions: french fries along with Churros and Masala flavored dry seasoning packets.

The upload continued to provide more insight on what consumers can expect from the snack. "If you've never seen these before, in many countries @mcdonalds sells these and they come in a bag where you can dump the seasoning and 'shake' the bag up to coat your french fries with a new flavor seasoning."

It also noted that unlike the U.S., Canada currently (or recently) has had a variety of specialty items hit the menu, including the Grimace shake, Remix Menu, Snack Wraps, the Cookie Dough McFlurry.

Needless to say, American fans in the comments immediately chimed in to express their gripes with the chain.

"Why does Canada get all the cool s--t?" one inquired, as another said, "why can’t you guys be more creative in the US like in other countries. Literally every other McDonald’s not in the US is better."

Meanwhile, someone who has seemingly tasted one of the newly released flavors added, "Had both, don’t like the churro one…." but quickly had to add a caveat: "BUTTTT if you put it on a caramel sundae it’s life changing 😂"

As for the U.S., the fast food giant recently released the Grandma McFlurry on May 21.

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