Fans Call Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon 'Beautiful' in Stripped-Down Nature Photos

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

Fans love Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's nature content, and this time, they can't get enough of how naturally "beautiful" the two look while spending time in the great outdoors.

In a set of photos shared via Instagram on Monday, April 22, the couple took in several outdoorsy scenes. Bacon posted the content in honor of Earth Day, which is celebrated annually to "demonstrate support for environmental protection." Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the holiday, which was first honored in 1970, per National Geographic.

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The Footloose star gathered a few images showing their love for the planet. They embarked on a few adventures, including hiking and enjoying sunset on a sand-filled beach. Another shot depicted the pair sitting on a dock, smiling wide as Sedgwick wrapped her arm around Bacon's shoulder.

"Mother Earth really is a beautiful place. Let’s not take it for granted. Happy #EarthDay, everyone. 🌎," Bacon captioned the post.

Fans in the comments section rushed in to admire the Sedgwick and Bacon's "energy" and the nature-filled snaps.

"You are both so beautiful and I love your photos and energy! Thank you!" one gushed, while another complimented "❤️ A love like this 👌🏼✨."

"You both look so happy and full of harmony. 🙌," a third noticed, in part.

Someone else agreed, writing, "You two are so blessed to have found each other & are a great example of how healthy it is for couples to find ways to have some plain old fun together," while several more chimed in with more comments of adoration calling them "beautiful."

From the looks of it, the internet can't get enough of this wholesome duo, and we see why!

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