Fans Call Al Roker 'Insanely Talented' After Hoda Kotb Shares Snapshot of His Hidden Talent

Hoda Kotb and Al Roker

Fans of meteorologist Al Roker weren't surprised to find out that the talented Today show star had an extra skill up his sleeve on April 18 when Hoda Kotb shared a peek on social media.

Kotb posted a photo of what happens behind the scenes on the show and showed off a special doodle of a sun from Roker. While it was likely a casual drawing from the 69-year-old, he smoothly brought to life an animated face that had many fans smiling.

"@alroker doodle in commercial break. What CAN’T this man do?" read Kotb's caption.

Fans were just as impressed as Kotb, heaping praise on Roker's artistic skills in the comments.

"Insanely talented 👏👏👏," wrote one, while another replied with a little jealousy, saying, "Smh.... I'd be trying to trace that! @alroker has all kinds of joy to spread around. I love that you're catching it @hodakotb ❤️."

A third chimed in, "Looks like the beginning of a children’s book! 📖," and someone else suggested it would be a cute design for some Today merch, tagging the show to note, "I’d buy it ☀️." Others called Roker "incredible" and "a man of many talents."

When Roker isn't doodling in between filming, he is usually informing audiences of the news and gaining fans with his charisma and kindness, both on and off camera. The father of three often spreads happiness and positivity with his frequent social media updates, such as when he brings fans along on his daily walks and encourages them to live a healthier lifestyle.

Recently, his charming personality was on full display as he shared the moment he got to see the total solar eclipse in Dallas, Texas while reporting for Today, excitedly talking about everything he was seeing as it happened for the people watching at home.

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