Fans Bash Reporter Who Asked Travis Kelce to Sing Taylor Swift Lyrics

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

While Travis Kelce is currently focusing all his energy toward getting a Super Bowl ring this year, all that some people can seem to focus on is his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Truth of this fact was evidenced by new video footage from a recent press conference, where one reporter, in specific, took the opportunity to put the Kansas City Chiefs tight end on the spot—but the attempt didn't get the reaction she was likely hoping for.

During a press conference in Las Vegas ahead of this Sunday's big game against the San Francisco 49ers, a journalist's encounter with the football star somewhat went array when Kelce quickly diverted away from her "fun" inquiry.

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"I was wondering if you could help me complete this lyric here: 'Karma is the guy on the...'" she said, to which Travis responded, "Chiefs, of course."

But as she continued, asking him to "finish it," she was met with silence, as Kelce shot a smirky look and aptly switched subjects with, "What's the second question?"

Though the reporter seemed to take it all in fun and replied in good spirits with a chuckle, fans on social media weren't impressed with her attempt to get him to sing, especially given the immense attention given to his relationship versus his football career.

On X (formerly Twitter), several people chimed in with their own unfiltered thoughts on the moment.

"The media is embarrassing themselves," one said, as another agreed, "lol the reporter thought that was so funny… making everything so damn awkward."

Someone else said they were experiencing "second hand embarrassment" as a result of the situation, while a fourth seemed perplexed: "This woman really went into this press conference with that as her plan. Unreal."

"Now ask Taylor Swift where Travis Kelce caught his 10th Career TD…" an additional commenter suggested, before further bringing up a great point: "Not everyone is gonna remember everything from their partners career lol."

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"Why would a reporter ask that?" an X user couldn't help but wonder.

"The world needs more Jeremiah Fennells fr! Seems like an 11yo was the only serious journalist there," yet another noticed, mentioning the child reporter who expertly interviewed the pro athlete earlier in the week.

Regardless of how awkward it may have seemed in the moment, though, the Catching Kelce alum looked to have not taken it too seriously, another true testament to his down-to-earth and wholesome personality.

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