A Fan-Favorite Trader Joe’s Snack Won’t Be Coming Back and Shoppers Say ‘Summer 2024 is Canceled’

Nobody likes to hear that their favorite snack has been discontinued. In some cases, the reasons for the discontinuation might not be immediately clear, leaving customers to come to their own conclusions as to why their beloved snack is no more.

For snacks that experience extreme popularity amongst consumers, like the highly sought after Trader Joe’s Patio Potato Chips, a sudden change in availability is enough to send the internet into a complete uproar. For years the fan-favorite Trader Joe’s exclusive potato chip has reliably made its return each summer season to the relief of countless fans. And for those of you who have been scouring their locals for a fresh taste of their favorite Patio Potato Chips this season, we have some seriously bad news.

According to multiple sources confirming the discovery, Trader Joe’s has officially discontinued its beloved Patio Chips due to some very unfortunate circumstances. As was reported by CBC, the factory in which Patio Chips were made suffered a horrific fire earlier this year that destroyed the entire plant. CBC thankfully reported no casualties, stating that all employees were able to evacuate safely, however the building stood no chance.

The news of the discontinuation, while sad, does have a silver lining in that nobody was hurt. The only things getting hurt from this unfortunate scenario are the taste buds of hundreds of fans who are now left hunting for a viable replacement for their beloved potato chip.

If you’re going through stages of grief like the rest of us are, Trader Joe’s List can at least offer up a comical way to move on to the acceptance stage. Upon doing some research and finding information on TJ’s internal system, Natasha found an official announcement that read, “Production issues - Plant burned down - WILL NOT RETURN” and turned that news into a dramatic and hilarious video that feels like a short film.

Commenters immediately responded with their reaction to the news. "So summer 2024 is canceled," said one. "Hold on. Is this a joke? I've been waiting for them to come back. Nooooo you've crushed my dreams!!!" added another.

Some folks chimed in that their local TJ's said that the chips are going to arrive later than usual but will make a return, though many other commenters said they heard that update wasn't accurate. Time will tell, but for now we'll do our best to move on with our lives, albeit with a Patio Potato Chip-shaped hole in our hearts. Maybe we'll grab a bag of the new Strawberry Yogurt Flavored Almonds to help us carry on.

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