The Family-Owned Company That Makes The Absolute Best Canned Salmon

Canned salmon in white bowl
Canned salmon in white bowl - A-lesa/Getty Images

From delicious dips to serving as the foundation for tasty fried patties, canned salmon deserves a permanent place in your pantry. This convenient and versatile food is also quite nutritious, according to the USDA it offers plenty of protein along with essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Coming in at number one in our ultimate ranking of canned salmon, the Drifters Fish brand is an excellent option.

A family-owned and run company hailing from Alaska, Drifters Fish prioritizes quality as well as sustainability, which makes their canned fish an ethical choice. Customers can choose from three types of smoked salmon — sockeye, coho, and keta. Along with insistence on sustainable practices to prevent disruption to local wildlife, Drifters Fish also hand-packs its cans of smoked salmon to ensure optimal quality.

While this brand costs a bit more than what you might find in your local grocery store (two cans of the smoked Copper River coho salmon are priced at $30), the higher price is worth it when you consider the careful practices used to source it.

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Sustainability Is A Family Value At Drifters Fish

Wild Alaska sockeye salmon cans
Wild Alaska sockeye salmon cans - Drifters Fish/Facebook

Founded by Nelly and Michael Hand, Drifters Fish was borne from the couple's familiarity with Alaskan fishing practices. Nelly gained extensive experience assisting her family on fishing excursions, while Michael has worked in the commercial fishing industry since 2006. The Hands now operate their own fishing vessel to source salmon and prawns. As a smaller operation, Drifters Fish primarily procures fish for its canned products in waters ranging from Prince William Sound to the Copper River Delta within the company's home base of Cordova, Alaska.

When seeking the most nutritious type of salmon to buy, wild-caught varieties are a good choice. Customers can rest assured that canned and fresh salmon are comparable when it comes to nutrition. Per Consumer Reports, both contain protein and omega-3 fatty acids, two essential nutrients for maintaining wellness. As for ingredients, Drifters Fish is about as pared down as you can get. For instance, the brand's smoked sockeye features just four ingredients — salmon, sugar, salt, and smoke from alder wood.

How To Use Drifters Fish Canned Salmon In Recipes

salmon burger on bun
salmon burger on bun - Lecker Studio/Shutterstock

Canned salmon is a versatile ingredient that has many delicious uses in the kitchen. To seriously upgrade your canned salmon, add it to pasta dishes, use it in a soup recipe, or combine it with eggs for a healthy breakfast. If you're on the hunt for a healthier alternative to beef, use canned salmon to make wholesome and tasty burgers. To bring out the flavor of the salmon, gussy up your burgers with Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and onion.

Drifters Fish also recommends using its products to create a cured salmon dip, which is perfect for snacking on your own or with others. Additions like pickle brine, lemon zest, chives, and Neufchâtel cheese (a product of France that bears a striking similarity to cream cheese) complement the flavor of smoked salmon while also creating a smooth, silky texture that pairs perfectly with crunchy bagel chips.

Ultimately, if you're a serious canned salmon connoisseur and prioritize sustainable practices when it comes to your food, Drifters Fish is a good brand to get behind.

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