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Family accuses Minnie Mouse of being ‘rude’ to toddler in ‘cruel’ Disneyland interaction: ‘This broke my heart’

A toddler’s interaction with Minnie Mouse is breaking Disney lovers’ hearts around the world — while some TikTokers are coming to Minnie’s defense.

Filmed in Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., the footage — uploaded by TikToker @anisrios1 — has quickly gained more than 5.2 million views and nearly 14,000 comments.

While we’ve seen Disney meet-and-greet footage go viral in the past — like this toddler whose costume nearly caused Maleficent to break character — this Minnie Mouse interaction isn’t inspiring many warm, fuzzy feelings in viewers.

Rather, much like the Disney guests accused of using a stroller to avoid expensive ticket prices, @anisrios1‘s footage is causing TikTokers around the world to question Disney Parks’ policies.

The video — captioned “Yesterday my niece was trying to hug Minnie and she was rude 😡😠🤬” — begins with the toddler excitedly running up to Minnie Mouse.

The meet-and-greet, filmed at Disneyland’s famous Main Street, U.S.A.-themed land, begins with the toddler reaching for a big hug.

But as the toddler goes to embrace the giant mouse, Minnie quickly spins the toddler around to face the camera.

Desperate for a hug, the toddler turns back around — only to be spun around yet again by the Disney character. This time, the toddler stays put, and the two pose for a photo.

TikTokers were incensed by the footage, and rushed to the comments to share their reactions.

“All this baby wanted was a hug. I am so mad,” one user wrote.

“That baby got whiplash from those spins!” another user commented.

“This broke my heart omg. Her excitement just died! 🥺,” wrote another user.

@Disney Parks how cruel crushing a little girls dream smh,” commented one user, tagging the official Disney Parks TikTok account.

However, some TikTokers came to the defense of the Minnie Mouse actor.

“Minnie’s got work to do. She is on a time crunch and needs the line to keep moving 😂,” one user wrote.

One TikTok user, @sthooch, believes that the footage is an example of a character technique called “love and shove,” a maneuver allegedly used for long meet-and-greet lines.

In response to @anisrios1‘s now-viral footage, some TikTok users are sharing their own positive interactions with Minnie, proving that not all meet-and-greets are unpleasant.

Without knowing Minnie’s side, it’s hard to know the full story behind the viral meet-and-greet footage.

Hopefully the family enjoyed the rest of their Disneyland experience — and that they at least got a good photo out of the encounter!

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