'The Fall Guy' breaks Guinness World Record for stunt previously held by James Bond movie

'The Fall Guy' breaks Guinness World Record for stunt previously held by James Bond movie

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt presented stunt driver Logan Holladay with the Guinness certificate, shattering the previous record set by "Casino Royale."

Not only is The Fall Guy packed with death-defying stunts, but it’s also shattering a world record.

David Leitch’s action-comedy has officially set a Guinness World Record for the most cannon rolls in a car, performed by stunt driver Logan Holladay. While filming in Sydney, Australia, Holladay rolled a car a whopping eight and a half times, breaking the previous record of seven set by Adam Kirley for 2006’s Casino Royale.

At a special screening in Los Angeles on Wednesday, The Fall Guy stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt presented Holladay with the official Guinness certificate recognizing his achievement. (Just a few days earlier, the two actors also paid tribute to stunt performers in a special segment at the 2024 Oscars.) Gosling told the audience Holladay makes a cameo in the film, and he can be seen buckling Gosling’s stuntman character, Colt Seavers, into the car before executing the cannon rolls himself.

<p>Universal Pictures</p> Ryan Gosling in 'The Fall Guy'

Universal Pictures

Ryan Gosling in 'The Fall Guy'

“He’s buckling me into a car for a stunt he’s about to do, and then he goes on to do eight and a half cannon rolls, which is a world record,” Gosling explained. “Then, he pulls me out of the car and pats me on the back for the stunt that he just did. In any other movie, you wouldn’t know that. But in this movie, you do. There’s a lack of recognition for the contribution that [stunt performers] make to cinema and some of the best moments in films that we love so much. That ends here.”

Gosling went on to praise the many stunt performers who played Colt on screen, each an expert in a specific skill.  

“It took like eight performers to make one Fall Guy,” the actor added. “There were times when I was like, ‘Should we be making a movie or robbing a bank? ‘This is kind of the greatest bank robbing team. Everyone had their own special skill. It was like the Avengers or something. And, in fact, a lot of them probably were the Avengers. Just look at their CVs.”

Leitch is a longtime stunt performer who built his career doubling for actors like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt before directing action-packed films including John WickAtomic Blondeand Bullet Train. The director previously told EW that he wanted The Fall Guy to be a love letter to the stunt community, showcasing expert feats of driving, fights, and falls.

“Stunt people and all the blue-collar crews were struggling this year as we had our labor strikes,” Leitch said in December. “They’re the ones that really make the magic happen. I just thought it was time to tell a story from their perspective.”

Holladay is a longtime stunt performer, working on films like Shazam! and Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. “Growing up, my dad was a stuntman, so the influence of film sets and the world of stunts was always there,” he said in a press release. “When I learned about The Fall Guy going into production, I knew I had to be part of it. As for the cannon rolls, after two practice runs and one real take, we had one car and one shot left. And after I hit the eight-and-a-half rolls, I had a pretty good feeling that I had broken the record because it felt like the spinning was never going to stop. It was a surreal moment and I’m incredibly proud of what the team achieved.”

The Fall Guy also stars Hannah Waddingham, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stephanie Hsu, and Winston Duke. It hits theaters May 3.

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