Facebook went down and people couldn't handle it

Facebook is down, and Twitter is on fire. Photo: Twitter
Facebook is down, and Twitter is on fire. Photo: Twitter

Facebook went down and people couldn’t handle it

In the sweetest of ironies, Facebook was forced to take to Twitter to address users were struggling to access their app after many found themselves locked out of them early this morning.

But no explanatory tweet’s was going to give the average user any peace of mind in this day and age, where Facebook’s in charge of seemingly every social app from Messenger to Whatsapp to Instagram.

And so the panic kicked in, with users flooding Twitter seeking comfort and condolence in this hard time.

Then there are those wallowing in despair:

Others are still in denial:

While some are just enjoying the show:

Most worryingly, people are actually calling emergency services. Seriously.

If one thing’s for sure, there’s been a clear winner out of all this. Twitter has saved the day and it’s reaping the rewards:

Initial rumours pointed to a DDos attack being behind the shutdown. This is basically where internet attackers flood a company’s network, and while it would have been a thrilling turn of events in the sorry saga, Facebook quickly shut the rumour down.

No official reason has yet been announced.

Stay safe out there guys.

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