The Extra Tip You Need For The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Plate of grilled cheese
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When you need a fast meal that's sure to keep everyone in the family happy, grilled cheese is a great go-to. It works well on its own, paired with a hearty bowl of tomato soup, or alongside snacks and sides like chips or carrot sticks. Plus, it's a meal that's highly versatile. You can make a sweet and salty apple pie grilled cheese sandwich, for instance, or stick with something extra savory like a bacon-wrapped grilled cheese.

Now, while you're likely no stranger to how to make this simple meal, there's one mistake you're probably making when cooking grilled cheese sandwiches — not toasting your bread before adding it to the frying pan. Although it might sound like a redundant step, it can actually help you to get a tastier, more evenly cooked, and crisper sandwich. Plus, it gives your meal extra flavor without adding additional ingredients to the mix.

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Why Toasting Your Bread Is A Key Step

Bread in a toaster
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Sometimes, when you make grilled cheese, you may find that sections of your bread don't wind up with that crispy, brown exterior. This could be because you didn't butter the bread all the way to the edges, or it could simply be due to uneven heat on the pan or griddle. When you toast your bread before making the sandwich, however, you make sure that the bread has an even, golden color across the board. That ensures a more even flavor and crispiness.

Speaking of crispiness, pre-toasting your bread can lead to a firmer texture. Your bread has less chance of getting soggy, especially if you prefer grilled cheese that isn't as darkly fried. Plus, it leads to a firmer, tougher texture on your bread than if you'd simply made your sandwich and tossed it in the pan, leaving just one side of each slice of bread to get crispy.

Additionally, the fillings in your sandwich can end up making the meal soggy if you're not careful. Pre-toasting your bread helps it stand up to liquid ingredients, like melted cheese or sauces, and keeps that crispy consistency that we all love.

Other Bread Tricks For The Best Grilled Cheese

Top down grilled cheese
Top down grilled cheese - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Beyond toasting your bread, there are a couple of other tips you can implement to get truly the best sandwich. For one thing, use stale bread for a better grilled cheese. Similar to pre-toasted slices, when you use bread that's a day or two old, it has a firmer texture, which can hold up better to liquid ingredients in your sandwich. That results in a crisper texture.

Another trick is to go for thicker slices of bread. Using pieces that are about one inch or thicker also leads to a sturdier sandwich that's less likely to get saturated with fillings.

You can also use crustier picks, such as sourdough or a boule. Or, go for an unexpected bread like an English muffin, which also has a sturdier texture. These heartier breads can stand up better than soft, squishy breads, leading to a firmer sandwich. With these tips, you're ready to make a deliciously crispy grilled cheese with the perfect texture and golden exterior!

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