The Extra Ingredients Freddie Mercury Loved In His Scrambled Eggs

Freddie Mercury with one hand raised
Freddie Mercury with one hand raised - Phil Dent/Getty Images

Few rock legends are as iconic as Freddie Mercury, whose trademark visual style was only matched by his unique four-octave range. (Anyone who's ever made the mistake of trying to sing "Somebody to Love" at karaoke has quickly realized how difficult it is to sing his songs.) From his legendary performance at "Live Aid" in 1985 to his untimely death at age 45 from AIDS-related complications, Mercury was and remains a legend and icon. Before the illness claimed him, one of Mercury's favorite foods had been scrambled eggs -- though eaten in a way that might be different from what you're used to. According to his friend and one-time personal assistant Phoebe Freestone, Mercury loved eggs with "chilli and spices."

Mercury's affinity for this dish could be rooted in his upbringing. He was born in Zanzibar, a place rich in Parsi culture, and his favorite dish bears a striking resemblance to a Parsi dish called akuri.

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Akuri Isn't Just Scrambled Eggs, But Something Unique

akuri with toasted bread and sauce
akuri with toasted bread and sauce - ManaswiPatil/Shutterstock

Akuri, sometimes stylized as akuri-spiced scrambled eggs, is far from your ordinary scrambled eggs. First, it's always served somewhat runny and never, ever overcooked, with a soft texture that pairs perfectly with some type of toasted bread. But the real star of akuri is the spices involved: You'll typically see chili powder, turmeric, and coriander, along with a combination of onions, green chilies, garlic, cilantro, cumin, tomatoes, and ginger. It's a relatively customizable dish, but the texture and spice-forward profile are always distinct.

To be clear, we can't say that what's being described as Freddie Mercury's favorite egg dish is actually akuri. But it seems possible, if not likely, that a big part of why he liked these ingredients in scrambled eggs so much was that the result bore a striking similarity to something he may have grown up eating. Since Phoebe Freestone described Mercury as having "remembered [the eggs] from his youth," this would seem even more likely.

There Are Other Similar Runny Scrambled Egg Dishes Out There

soft scrambled eggs on toast
soft scrambled eggs on toast - Thai Liang Lim/Getty Images

If you're looking for a similar flavor profile and texture, akuri isn't the only softer, spiced scrambled egg dish you (like Freddie Mercury) might enjoy, as there are plenty of ways scrambled eggs are enjoyed around the world. Oyakodon is a type of Japanese donburi, a bowl-based, broth-laden dish made with soft scrambled eggs, while menemen is a Turkish scrambled egg dish with various spices, tomatoes, and peppers. Then there's Cantonese scrambled eggs, a technique-based dish made by mixing the whites separately, mixing in the yolks, and adding cornstarch before cooking to a runny consistency. And if you just want ridiculously creamy scrambled eggs, the secret ingredient you're looking for is creme fraiche, which will give your eggs a nutty, tangy flavor while imparting a perfect texture.

There's no wrong way to enjoy runny, flavorful scrambled eggs. Give akuri -- or one of these other dishes -- a try and see for yourself which you prefer.

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