The Expert-Approved Tip To Turn Your Favorite Health Juices Into Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Three colorful bottles of health juices with fruits and vegetables
Three colorful bottles of health juices with fruits and vegetables - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

What if, in some crazy world, you could infuse your favorite health juices into an Aperol Spritz? Or, what if, in that same crazy world, you could do the same with your morning Mimosa, or perhaps a Bellini? You can call it crazy — but you're living in it. From bitter green juice — no matter if it's made from spinach, kale, or cabbage — to earthy beet juice to tart ginger and citrus juice, you can turn your favorite health beverage into a sparkling wine cocktail -- and Tasting Table got the expert-approved tip on how to do it.

Booze and juice combinations are ideal for brunch cocktails, but when it comes to making them with your favorite health juices, Santino Carey, the Beverage Manager at the modern Japanese restaurant Mishik in NYC, recommends looking somewhere else for guidance. "Think about your local juice bar. What blends are successful?" Carey told Tasting Table. Whether you like apple and kale or pear and cucumber, stick with the combinations that you know work. Then, from there, all you have to do is choose the sparkling wine that best allows the flavors of the juice blend to shine.

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Prosecco Versus Champagne

A Mimosa with fresh orange slices
A Mimosa with fresh orange slices - S.V.G./Shutterstock

When it comes to sparkling wine cocktails, the most popular alcoholic bases usually come down to one of two options: Champagne and Prosecco. "Prosecco is milder in flavor," says Santino Carey, who recommends using it when you want the flavors in your juice to stand out. It will allow common flavors like lemon, ginger, and turmeric to really shine, and automatically lends itself to health juice-infused versions of Mimosas and French 75s — but with added antioxidant and phytonutrient benefits, of course.

When opting for Champagne in your health juice and sparkling wine cocktails, Carey recommends going with a juice blend that's a bit more sharp. "Go with kiwi for something tart," he says. Mango, apples, grapefruit, or even kumquat also have the lip-puckering flavor needed to balance out a sweet Champagne-based cocktail. However, if your Champagne leans more toward the dry side, it doesn't hurt to grab a health juice that will give it some dimension.

In this case, Carey says to go for something "with rhubarb for a bit of depth." Of course, you'll want to introduce some sweetness to the mix, too. A Scarlet Spritz or West 57th are two Aperol Spritz alternatives that you can look to for flavor inspiration.

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