EXCLUSIVE: Zac Efron reveals his best pick-up line and it's terrible

Natasha Lee

It's been dubbed the Wedding Crashers for a whole new generation.

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Only problem is the Wedding Crashers wasn't based on a true story; but Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates totally was.

Yes, we're serious.

"It’s a true story," Adam DeVine, who plays Mike, told Be.

Adam and Zac as Mike and Dave. Source: Paramount

"It’s based on these two brothers Mike and Dave Stangle who are hard partying life-loving dudes," Zac Efron, who plays Dave, told Be. "They love their family but at family events and functions they just tend to take things a little bit too far - so they kind of become trouble makers."

With their sister's wedding fast approaching, Mike and Dave's parents sit them down and order them to find some nice girls to take as dates.

"They go online and create this ad for Craigslist - because that’s where you meet nice girls, on the internet," Adam said. "The ad goes viral - which is all a true story - then they go on like dozens of dates and end up meeting nice girls to go with them to the wedding."

The boys, who are friends in real life, admit they had a great time making the film. Source: Be

But that's where real life ends and Hollywood begins, with the girls in the film (the fabulous Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza) turning out to be not-so-nice-girls.

As for how Adam and Zac would approach a "really nice girl" they were trying to pick-up, the boys proved... well, not so smooth.

Adam admitted he like to pull out the big guns with this one: "Zac Efron is a good friend of mine - if we hang out long enough you might meet him." BOOM!

But Zac... look, you'll just have to watch the video to see for yourself and decide whether it's totally cringey or totally cute.

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