What Exactly Is XXXX Beer And Where Does It Come From?

hand holding a cold bottle of xxxx Gold beer
hand holding a cold bottle of xxxx Gold beer - Bloomberg/Getty Images

What do you picture when you see the letter X? Maybe it's a game of tic-tac-toe, a wrong answer on a test, or even the end of a treasure hunt. The letter X can indicate a ton of different things, including a high-quality beer.

XXXX is a popular brand of beer made in Queensland, Australia -- not to be confused with XXX, a common symbol for things that are NSFW. This 140-year-old company, pronounced "four ex" when said out loud, has kept its inventory simple all these years: Drinkers have a choice between XXXX Gold, Dry, and Bitter, along with three flavored Summer Bright Lagers, and one alcohol-free beer called XXXX Zero.

The beer company's unique name is a reference to the process of barrel-aging beer. While the beer mixture fermented inside beer barrels, the Xs -- also known as brewer's marks -- indicated how strong that batch of beer was. According to XXXX's website, the brewers perfected the recipe in 1893, adding an extra mark to its strength and quality. Since then, the company proudly rebranded to showcase all four Xs in its name and logo.

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This Eye-Catching Beer Comes From The Land Down Under

Mr. Fourex beer mascot
Mr. Fourex beer mascot - Instagram/dvk1979

XXXX is the self-proclaimed "favorite beer" of Australians. While every brand likely feels that way about their product, this particular beer has the data to back it up. Launched in 1991, XXXX Gold eventually became the best-selling mid-strength beer in Australia, a position it proudly fights for year after year. All three of the brand's full-strength lagers are made with Australian malted barley and contain between 3.5%-4.2% alcohol content per 375ml serving.

The beer gained such popularity that an entire vacation destination was dedicated to sipping it. Back in 2012, XXXX bought (well, rented) an island off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef. The beer brand transformed Pumpkin Island into a men-only destination -- while this claim of "no girls allowed" was mostly a marketing ploy to encourage its largest demographic to take a vacation to the island with their male friends, XXXX's tropical getaway did host over 3,000 men during its three-year lease. Nowadays, Pumpkin Island is a private retreat for anyone who can afford it, and XXXX drinkers will have to plan their own tropical getaways with their best buds.

Beer Drinkers Are Seriously Divided Over The Taste Of XXXX

Can of XXXX Gold beer on a large stone in a rockpool
Can of XXXX Gold beer on a large stone in a rockpool - Instagram/lachieepopham

Sadly, for those in the United States who are curious about XXXX, it is somewhat difficult to get your hands on this boozy Australian delicacy -- although some locals may claim that you are better off without it. In a Reddit post on the r/beer thread, one user enquired about how to import XXXX beer to the U.S., claiming they would "pay top dollar ... [and] drive up to 500 miles to buy it too." The user claimed that their Aussie husband is a big fan of XXXX Bitter, which commenters seemed to poke fun at.

One user responded, "This is a red flag. I suspect that your husband is no longer allowed to return to Australia, most likely for crimes against humanity." Another commenter egged on, "I'd pay top dollar to be 500 miles away from XXXX." Clearly, even though the brand produces one of the most widely consumed beers in Australia, not everyone who has tasted XXXX is a fan. For non-locals hoping to make that decision for themselves, you may have to take a trip to the land down under for a taste of XXXX.

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