Evian Dropped Three New Face Mists, Just in Time for Summer

If you've ever had to endure a hot, sweltering summer day, you'll know the overriding feeling of wanting to dump an entire bottle of water over your head for respite. Well, Evian is swooping in to provide a refreshing solution with new additions to its collection of facial mists. Enter "Calm," "Protect" and "Glow."

Created to filter out daily pollution, the "Protect" spray is made with tara gum and aloe vera to refresh and restore the skin. It also contains wild indigo extract (to protect the skin barrier) and organic cornflower extract (to soften it).

Evian's "Calm" mist aims to soothe sensitive skin with its helichrysum and jasmine flower-enriched formula that boosts hydration. Meanwhile, "Glow" is packed with white tea leaf and white peony to nourish the complexion for those dewy skin days.

The water brand's first step into the beauty space started with its original face mist, which is essentially bottled its mineral water, sourced from the French Alps, in a spray can. The brand notes that its mists are safe for all skin types and can be used on bare skin or over makeup. Hydration one sip – and spritz – at a time.

Evian facial mists are available at Ulta, starting at $8.50 USD.

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