Everything To Know About Tony Goldwyn’s Wife, Jane Musky

Tony Goldwyn and wife Jane Musky.

Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky are an incredibly rare example of a truly long-lasting and stable Hollywood marriage. That may well be in large part because the couple are generally very private about their 40-plus year relationship, but they’ve let a few details slip over the years. Here’s what we know about Goldwyn’s wife, including how they met and what she does for a living.

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Who is Tony Goldwyn married to?

Tony Goldwyn has been married to Jane Musky since 1987. The couple first met during the 1980s, when Goldwyn was 21.

“Jane is just the most incredible human being that I know,” Goldwyn told Hoda Kotb during an interview on The Today Show in 2019. “She's just a very salt of the earth person. And I knew when I was 21 when I met her, I better hang on because I'll never come across this again.”

How did Tony Goldwyn meet his wife, Jane Musky?

Goldwyn told the story of how he met Musky during a 2017 interview on LIVE with Kelly and Mark, and revealed that originally, it was Goldwyn’s best friend who was supposed to be going on the date with her.

“He said, ‘There’s this girl I’m obsessed with, and she likes to run, and I don’t have any running shoes,’” Goldwyn recalled. After he lent his friend a pair of running shoes, he was invited to come along on the date “as a wingman,” but ended up swooping in on Jane himself. “We ended up running up to this beautiful pond, and going skinny dipping,” he recalled. “[My friend] kind of stopped running with us, and then Jane and I kept running. We’re still running.”

What does Tony Goldwyn's wife do for a living?

Musky is a production designer, and has worked on a number of well-known projects over the years. Most notably, she was the production designer for classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally (1989), the Coen brothers’ Raising Arizona (1987), the David Mamet drama Glengarry Glenn Ross (1992) and more recently Hustlers (2019).

Musky was also the production designer on Ghost (1990), in which Goldwyn played the villainous role of Carl Bruner. “That’s how I got the part,” he revealed to Hoda Kotb. “I was a semi-employed actor, and Jane was this big fancy production designer,” he recalled, adding that Musky “kept bugging him” about the part until he convinced his agent to get him an audition.

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Were Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington ever married?

No. Despite their spicy onscreen chemistry in Scandal, Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington have never been married, or romantically involved, in real life.

When did Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky get married?

Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky got married in April of 1987.

What is the age difference between Tony Goldwyn and his wife?

Goldwyn was born in May of 1960, and Musky was born in May of 1954, making her six years older than Goldwyn.

Are Tony Goldwyn and his wife still together?

Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky are still together. As of 2024, they’ve been married for more than 35 years.

When Hoda Kotb understandably asked him to share the secret to his unusually long-lasting marriage, Goldwyn reflected: “I think in our marriage, at times when we’d been having difficulty, we’d just look at each other and say, ‘Are you willing to work on this?’ It takes both people to look at each other and mutually agree, even though we’re having a hard cycle, we’re gonna work on it together… Also, for me, I just have a lot of respect for her, and that never ends. That’s maybe the thing that keeps me so interested in her as a person.”

Does Tony Goldwyn have children?

Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky have two daughters together, Ann (born in 1990), who works as a scriptwriter and story editor, and Tess (born in 1995), who is an actress.

In a 2019 interview with Fatherly, Goldwyn paid tribute to his wife for instilling a strong work ethic and sense of empowerment in their daughters. “When I was away, she was working hard, long hours, and racing home from work to get home by six so our babysitter could go and she could get dinner on the table,” he said of working on set out of town. “She killed herself to do it. We realized it was a great example for our girls to see that we both work equally hard, and both of my kids are ambitious.”

Where does Tony Goldwyn live now?

Goldwyn and Musky raised their family in the suburban Connecticut town of New Canaan. They now live in Los Angeles, and also have a property in New York’s Upper West Side.

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