Ever Wanted to Play 'Hot Ones' at Home? Heatonist Sauces Are Coming to a Store Near You

Make tonight extra spicy with these sauces.

<p>Food & Wine / HEATONIST</p>

Food & Wine / HEATONIST

Attention spice lovers: You can now turn up the heat at home with a super spicey sauce by Hot Ones.

On Wednesday, Hot Ones, the hit YouTube series, announced it's rolling out its Heatonist hot sauces to 30,000 distribution points across America, including in Kroger, Harris Teeter, Publix, The Fresh Market, Giant Martins, Hannaford, World Market, Meijer, and Whole Foods locations.

"Our goal is to share our passion for high quality, flavor-forward hot sauces with the world," Noah Chaimberg, the founder and CEO of Heatonist, shared in a statement. "We're thrilled that Hot Ones fans will be able to discover the hot sauces from their favorite show at their local grocery store, and are excited to reach new spice lovers wherever they shop. We started working with our friends at Hot Ones back in 2015, so this has literally been years in the making. I couldn't be more proud and grateful to our partners."

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Oh, you've never heard of Hot Ones? Well, then, you must not spend a lot of time online. But that's ok, because you can always binge the show on YouTube. To give you a preview, it's an interview-style show (and some truly exceptional interviews at that), where celebrity guests answer questions while eating chicken wings smothered in progressively spicer sauces. And, as Mashed pointed out, a Heatonist sauce happened to be the one that famously made Jennifer Lawrence cry.

"I passionately threw up after — violently," Lawrence shared with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live." She added, "My stomach gave me like 8 minutes to get upstairs."

Even with that review, both consumers and retailers seem to be stoked about the wider rollout of the sauces.

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"The enthusiasm for the Hot Ones hot sauces from retailers across the U.S. has been phenomenal," Suzy Dollak, SVP of sales at Heatonist, shared. "It's a testament to the growing appreciation for bold flavors and culinary exploration. We're beyond thrilled to bring these iconic sauces to so many retailers nationwide, inviting spice lovers everywhere to elevate their meals with a touch of heat and a lot of flavor." Find the nearest retail location carrying the super spicy sauce at heatonist.com. If you dare. 

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