Erin Napier Calls Out ‘Big Tech’ With Claims Her Social Media Posts Are Being Restricted

Erin Napier

Erin Napier has just about had it with "big tech."

The HGTV star and her husband, Ben Napier, run a charity organization called Osprey (Old School Parents Raising Engaged Youth). In recent days, Erin has alleged that her posts about the organization have been censored by various social media platforms.

The 38-year-old called out Meta–the parent company of Facebook and Instagram–in a series of now-deleted Instagram Stories, per TVInsider, claiming anything she posts about her charity seems to get suppressed by the tech giant. And after the organization's workshop on Saturday, March 9, Erin claimed "something weird happened," as posts about the event appeared to be blocked with a screenshot showing a "try again later" error message when an attendee tried to upload a photo and tag the Osprey founders.

“Meta wouldn’t let images of our #ospreykids logo be tagged in any photos by anyone,” Erin explained. “And wouldn’t allow anyone to tag me or Ben.”

Ironically enough, one of the main foundations of Osprey is bringing parents who want to raise their kids without access to social media together.

Erin then shared another image of the same error notification someone else got when attempting to post about Osprey, alleging that the tech companies are trying to "shut us up."

“It would seem that the powers that be would rather our kids be staring at phones than living their real lives, doing, playing, adventuring. So it’s best to try to shut us up. We are bad for business, baby,” Erin added.

“If the ways big tech is censoring good causes doesn’t worry you, it should," Erin continued, "You may not hear from us much anymore because they don’t want you to."

The Home Town star later uploaded screenshots provided by her followers, which claimed old posts Erin and Ben had been tagged in were being removed from the Meta-owned properties.

As of writing, there's been no update from Erin nor a statement from Meta explaining the multiple errors she and her fellow Osprey parents encountered.

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