Erewhon Really Does Sell Ice for $30 — Everything to Know About the Cocktail Ice Available at the Supermarket

A specialty cocktail ice is going viral on Tiktok for it's premium quality and high price

<p>Erewhon</p> Erewhon now sells Penny Pound Ice in stores for $30.


Erewhon now sells Penny Pound Ice in stores for $30.

Erewhon, the luxury supermarket chain, is going viral on TikTok once again — but this time, it's for pricy bags of ice.

Users on TikTok recently discovered that Erewhon is selling eight-count packs of ice cube balls for $29.99, and have been sharing videos taste-testing the product to see if it really stands out from run-of-the-mill ice cube molds.

According to Erewhon’s website, the cocktail ice is from the Southern California-based specialty ice brand Penny Pound Ice, which focuses on providing "an elegant solution to keeping your beverages chilled without diluting the flavor."

The description also states that the ice “melt[s] slower than traditional ice cubes, ensuring your drink stays colder for longer.”

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Penny Pound Ice also sells their products on their own website, for delivery only in Southern California, with prices ranging from $7 for draft ice all the way to custom ice sculptures that start at $300. The brand's cocktail ice is available for $28 online through Penny Pound.

The brand further explains on their website that they “create 300 lb, blocks over the course of 3 days. From there, human hands cut, pack, and deliver all our products.”

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Penny Pound Ice did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

<p>ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy</p> Erewhon's grocery chain is best known for their exclusive hot bar offerings and celebrity smoothie collaboration

ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy

Erewhon's grocery chain is best known for their exclusive hot bar offerings and celebrity smoothie collaboration

In an interview with Eater, Penny Pound Ice’s partner Gordon Bellaver shared that “density plays a large factor” in making ice that is durable and long-lasting. “The more durable and dense that your piece of ice is — which also relates to how large the ice cube itself is — will directly and proportionately affect how quickly it dilutes the cocktail or the beverage.” 

Bellaver also explained that the main difference between Penny Pound Ice’s cocktail ice and ice made at home has to do with the water they start with.

“When we’re making our ice spheres, we’re starting from a larger product which is more durable," Bellaver told Eater. "The molds are jumping to the final product immediately, which is achievable, but it doesn’t have the same structural integrity.”

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As for pricing, Erewhon did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. Penny Pound's Bellaver told Eater of the $2 difference between the brand's site and Erewhon's pricing, "I don’t control Erewhon’s prices."

Whether or not the ice is actually worth the cost, TikTok users did confirm that the ice did remain crystal clear when they poured their drink over it.

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