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Emma Sleep sale: Save up to 55% off award-winning mattresses and more

Dreaming of a good night's rest? Here's the answer.

There's never been a better time to upgrade your bed, because until Monday 13 March, Emma is offering up to 55% off a range of their award-winning mattresses, pillows and toppers.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress - 55% off

Winner of Good Design Award in 2022, this mattress is a foam and spring hybrid that's optimised for deep sleep. It offers seven-zone dynamic support from each layer of foam, which means it's great for preventing back pain and it also has patented temperature-regulation technology to keep you cool all night long.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress in a modern bedroom
Save 55% off Emma's Diamond Hybrid Mattress. Photo:Supplied

Emma Comfort Mattress - 50% off

This mattress contains Emma's Zero Motion Technology, so if there's someone on the other side of the bed, their moving won't disturb you. Plus, as it's an all-foam mattress, it distributes your weight evenly.

Emma Comfort Mattress in a modern minimalist bedroom
Save 50% off Emma's Comfort Mattress. Photo: Supplied


Emma Sofa Bed - 55% off

A comfy sofa bed that takes less than a minute to unfold? Yes, please. It even has built-in storage compartments in the armrests and is lined with fabric made from recycled plastic.

Emma Sofa Bed in a modern lounge room
Save 55% off Emma's Sofa Bed. Photo: Supplied

Emma Wooden Bed - 50% off

This sturdy wooden bed is made from sustainably sourced pine. It has a metal-slatted frame and additional leg supports that evenly distribute pressure while providing proper body support and spine alignment. You can even add drawers for under bed storage.

Emma Wooden Bed in a modern bedroom
Save 50% off Emma's Wooden Bed. Photo: Supplied

Emma Foam Pillow - Save 50%

Perfect for all sleeping positions and body types, this pillow is fully customisable. It has removable foam layers so you can easily adjust its height. Simply remove one of the three layers of foam to make the pillow the right height for you. It's breathable, hypoallergenic and adapts to your neck, providing support and perfect posture throughout the night.

Woman adjusting Emma Foam Pillow
Save 50% off Emma's Foam Pillow. Photo: Supplied

Emma All Seasons Duvet - Save 25%

Made from 100% cotton, this duvet gives just the right amount of warmth for all seasons. It allows air through the fabric as needed and is fully machine washable.

Couple snuggled up under Emma All Seasons Duvet
Save 25% off Emma's All Seasons Duvet. Photo: Supplied

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