Emma Roberts stuns with incredible bikini snap

Actress Emma Roberts has stunned her followers with a bikini snap showing off her incredible figure.

The star posted a photo on her Instagram of her wearing a hot pink bikini with a cheetah print while holding a glass of white wine and Dolce and Gabbana bag.

She looks relaxed as she holidays with friends in Italy, holding her hand up to her mouth and laughing.

Fans have been wowed by the photo of the American Horror Story actress, with many saying she looked "beautiful".

"You're stunning," one said.

"Giving Barbie," another commented.

"Out of this world stunning," a third added.

"You're so flipping gorgeous," another fan said.

Emma Roberts has wowed fans with her latest bikini snap. Source: Instagram
Emma Roberts has wowed fans with her latest bikini snap. Source: Instagram

Emma's trainer Andrea Orbeck has previously spoken out about Emma's workouts, which involve three rounds of a circuit with three different strength exercises. Each round is broken up with an incline walk on a treadmill.

"[Emma is] very athletic, and she's a little dynamo, which is fun," Andrea told SELF.


Last month it was revealed Emma would be the latest star to land a role in the Marvel Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web, which will be released in July.

Emma is also a single mum to her son Rhodes after she split from Garrett Hedlund.

A source told US Weekly the pair however have a healthy co-parenting arrangement.

The pair ended their three-year relationship earlier this year after Emma gave him a "number of ultimatums". US Weekly reports during the star's pregnancy, Garrett was arrested for driving under the influence.

“They have a very amicable relationship with each other and are being very adult about their break-up,” the source told the publication.

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