Beginner Workout Challenge with Emily Skye: Lower Body workout

Welcome to Yahoo Lifestyle's exclusive Beginner Workout Challenge with Emily Skye. If you're in need of some workout inspiration and are not sure where to start, for the next 4 weeks Emily will share a simple, low impact beginner workout you can try at home.

Beginner Workout Challenge with Emily Skye
Welcome to Yahoo Lifestyle's exclusive Beginner Workout Challenge with Emily Skye. Photo: Yahoo

FIT app trainer Emily Skye is here to take you through a really simple and quick lower body workout for beginners. All you need for this workout is a pair of light dumbbells, and a chair.

"And if you mess up any of the moves, don’t worry. Just have a good laugh and move on. That’s what I do!" Emily says.

For this 10-minute workout you will do five exercises for 30 seconds on with 30 seconds rest. Complete 2 sets of each exercise and you're done! Try it now:

Beginner Workout Challenge week 1: Lower Body workout


Squat to chair

Stand in front of the chair with your feet hip to shoulder-width apart. Sit back and down into a squat, tapping your bum on the chair but without sitting down. Push through your heels to return to standing. Hold your hands out in front of you for balance.

Bodyweight straight-leg deadlift

With your feet hip-width apart, keep a neutral spine as you hinge forward at your hips with straight legs, sending your glutes backwards. Your arms will be extended outside of your lower legs. Keep your chest up, pull your shoulders back and look straight ahead while you drive your heels into the ground and squeeze through your glutes to come back to standing.

Alternating lateral lunge

Stand tall with your feet wider than your shoulders. While keeping your chest up, bend through one knee and push your bum backwards as you lunge to the side. Push back to the start and repeat on the other side

Light dumbbell calf raises

Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand by your side. Keep your chest up and lift both heels off the ground, transferring your weight into your toes. Slowly lower back down and repeat

Wall squat hold

Position your upper body flat against a wall, with your feet stepped out in front of you and flat on the ground. Roll your shoulders back and down in contact with the wall, look straight ahead and squeeze your glutes to hold this position.

Stay tuned from another beginner workout from Emily Skye next week!

If you're nervous about being a beginner, Emily also shared some of her advice and tips here.

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