Shoppers grossed out by 'gastro' pants

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A pair of unfortunately patterned pants have gone viral online, after shoppers said the tie-dye look reminded them more of an embarrassing accident.

The white pants, featuring brown tie-dye marks, are available through online retailer ASOS, but didn’t immediately gain many fans.

A photo of the look was shared to a fashion fails Instagram page and has since gone viral.

“Gastronentiritus but make it fashun,” a punter shared on the Instagram page @Asbos_sos in dismay, along with hashtags which summed up to ‘when you feel like dying after eating a kebab off the floor and you got the poos’.

These pants have caused a stir online. Photo: Instagram/asbos_sos

“S*** happens,” one person put it simply.

“That cannot be real,” another wrote, adding a vomit emoji.

“What I feel I look like when I’m on my period wearing clothes,” was another relatable comment for many women.

There were a few however, who were clearly fans of the tie-dye look, regardless of the colour.

“Practical addition to our tie-dye wardrobes,” one joked.

“A new take on the home tie dye trend,” another added.

The account, which has over 32K followers, regularly posts hilarious opinions about bizarre looks introduced by the online fashion retailer.

“This account is goals,” one enthusiastic fan wrote.

The outfits coming under fire on the fail account. Photo: Instagram/asbos_sos

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