Elon Musk Is Gonna Blow a Gasket When He Sees This Pride-Themed Cybertruck

Slay or Nay?

During an LGBTQ pride parade in Los Angeles, someone attempted to slay the house down in a Cybertruck with rainbow wrapping — a hilarious bit of irony during the colorful celebration that the notoriously-bigoted Elon Musk would absolutely despise.

As shown in videos and photos posted to social media from the parade in LA's ritzy West Hollywood "gayborhood," the pride-themed truck clearly turned heads among the giant crowd gathered for the festival.

It also drew jibes on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit in which commentators joked that it looked "like a mango going ripe" and was "one of the least hideous" Cybertrucks out there.

Others on the platform, and on the Musk-owned X-formerly-Twitter, however, pointed out how much the bigoted multi-hyphenate billionaire would hate one of his company's cars being used for such a celebration.

"Don't feed Elon's ego," one Redditor commented. "He hates LQBTQ+, especially T's."

Tee'd Off

The trans flags on the brutalist pickup would probably be the main dealbreaker for Musk. As has been extensively documented, Musk's penchant for transphobia, while relatively recent, would certainly put him at odds with the message the rainbow-wrapped Cybertruck is sending.

Musk's anti-trans bigotry is all the more troubling considering that one of his daughters is transgender — though she, notably, wants nothing to do with him, and her transition may, as writer Walter Isaacson alleged in his biography of the billionaire that came out last fall, have "triggered" her infamous father's transphobia.

Back before he became the brain-wormed billionaire we all know and loathe, Musk's companies used to be considered great places for LGBTQ people to work. In fact, Tesla actually used to sponsor pride events and even manufactured its own rainbow-colored cars until 2022.

Much like racists who claim to have friends of color, Musk recently posted on X that he encourages his so-called "gay friends" to have children "for the continuance of civilization" — a telling caveat that belies the billionaire's bizarre focus on fertility and population growth that may also have contributed his far-right turn in recent years.

All told, Musk seems far less concerned with gay people doing their thing than with trans people (and trans children in particular) accessing healthcare — but given that he's both a "free speech absolutist" and a greedy goblin, maybe this use of a Cybertruck that somebody paid for or leased out won't bother him too much.

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