Ellen DeGeneres under fire for resurfaced Tweet

Ellen DeGeneres has been under fire for some time now after claims of a ‘toxic workplace’ culture started doing the rounds.

And now an old Tweet shared by the talk show host back in 2009, in which she says she made one of her employees “cry like a baby”, has gone viral and is being recirculated online.

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Ellen DeGeneres is trending again on Twitter. Photo: Getty

The tweet is actually in reference to a segment on her show where Ellen surprised one her longtime staffers, Jeannie Klisiewicz, with a cruise holiday.

But without that context on Twitter, the tweet itself has been flooded with reactions and comments, with many people confused why Ellen would post something like this online, especially given the recent accusations of bullying.

Even though the tweet is referencing a happy moment, it hasn’t aged well.

“You did what?” one outraged fan commented.

“I don’t think that’s something to be proud of,” another wrote.

ellen degeneres employee cry tweet
Photo: Twitter

The new Twitter-storm comes after Ellen got emotional in a second apology to the show’s staff on Monday.

A source who was on the call with more the than 220 show staffers told People magazine that Ellen said she “wasn't perfect,” adding, “I’m a multi-layered person, and I try to be the best person I can be and I try to learn from my mistakes.”

“I’m hearing that some people felt that I wasn’t kind or too short with them, or too impatient. I apologise to anybody if I’ve hurt your feelings in any way,” she reportedly continued.


Variety also reported that during the call Ellen responded to the rumours that staffers and guests were told not to talk to her or look her in the eye, calling it “crazy” and “not true.”

She admitted to being “introverted” and apologised if that was ever seen as hurtful.

“I don’t know where it started. Please talk to me. Look me in the eye,” she said.

ellen degeneres
Ellen has apologised to staff a second time. Photo: Warner Bros

Ellen’s apology in the video conference call marks the second time she said sorry to staff amid the drama, which was triggered by an investigative piece by Buzzfeed News in mid-July alleging racism and intimidation on the show, followed by a second report claiming a culture of “rampant sexual misconduct.”

In late July, Ellen broke her silence in a staff letter, which was leaked to the press, which saw her take “responsibility” for the toxic culture, saying, “my name is on the show.”

An internal investigation was subsequently launched by Warner Bros, with a spokesperson confirming on Monday the show has “parted ways” with executive producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman, and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman.

At this stage Ellen herself, as well as long-running executive producers Mary Connelly, Andy Lassner and Derek Westervelt, will continue in their positions on the show, with the start date for the 18th season currently set for September 14.

Additional reporting by Suzy Byrne.

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