Elizabeth Hurley Captivates in Seductive Trailer For Son's First Thriller

Damian Hurley and Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian has officially made his first-ever feature film—and who better to star in the movie than his own famous mom?

Damian, the 21-year-old son of the British actress, is set to make his feature directorial debut with the new film Strictly Confidential, and his 58-year-old bombshell of a mom was clearly the perfect choice to cast in the seductive thriller, alongside fellow actors Lauren McQueen, Genevieve Gaunt, Georgia Lock and Freddie Thorp.

Elizabeth proved just how captivating she can be on screen in a new trailer for the film that dropped Wednesday, Feb. 28, in which the model and actress flawlessly executed the alluring yet dark vibe of the movie.

In a snippet from one of the scenes, Elizabeth appears to be rocking a slinky metallic gold dress with a thigh-high slit when she gets involved in a steamy make-out session with another character in the film. She also looks red-hot later at another point in the trailer, wearing a bright red jumpsuit with an exaggerated plunging neckline.

According to Damian, his mother's appearance in the film results from a promise she made him years ago, and to the delight of both her son and her fans, Elizabeth kept "true to her word," Damian told People.

Noting that his mom "dropped everything" to participate in the film, Damian said Elizabeth "raced out to the Caribbean to help" once the project was green-lit.

"It was a joy to come to work and tackle each day together," he said of working with his mom. (The mother-son duo have already worked together on The Royals.)

"We only had 18 days to shoot the whole film, so our twin-like telepathy was invaluable throughout," Damian added.

Strictly Confidential releases in theaters and on digital April 5.

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