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Eero mesh WiFi routers are up to 50 percent off right now

Amazon's sale also includes a steep discount on an Eero three-pack.

Photo by Jon Fingas/Engadget

This is a good time to buy a mesh router if you want to boost your WiFi network's coverage at a low price. Amazon is running a sale with steep discounts on previous-generation Eero routers. Most notably, an Eero Pro is available for $80, or half its usual price — a bargain if you're looking for a tri-band system. You can also buy a three-pack of standard dual-band routers for $130, or 24 percent off.

The WiFi 5-based Eero mesh router is down to a very low price.
$80 at Amazon

Eero routers helped popularize mesh networking, and they're still a good choice if you're interested in no-fuss coverage across a wide area. They're simple to set up, and their compact design helps you tuck them into inconspicuous places around the house. You can control them using Amazon Alexa, and they play nicely with Apple's HomeKit. We'd add that newer Amazon Echo devices have built-in Eero WiFi extenders — you can buy a smart speaker and improve your wireless quality at the same time.

These are WiFi 5 (802.11ac) models, so you'll want to spend extra if you need the faster connectivity of WiFi 6 or 6e. And while every Eero node includes dual gigabit Ethernet jacks, you may want to look elsewhere if you need more of those ports in any one area. The price is right for what you're getting, though, and you might not need to spend more if your internet service is unlikely to overwhelm a WiFi 5 network any time soon.

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