Edwina Bartholomew snubbed on Emmys red carpet

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Eddy Bartholomew is back on screens after Seven reportedly pledged to back the reporter after her controversial tweet. Photo: Sunrise

After becoming embroiled in a tweet scandal that left Nine reporter Seb Costello considering legal action, Edwina Bartholomew was back reporting for duty on Monday morning, live from the Emmys red carpet in LA.

The Sunrise star, who is seven months pregnant with her first child, dazzled in a glittering navy gown by Australian designer Carla Zampatti, but it wasn’t enough to catch the attention of some of the awards night’s A-list guests.

In a hilariously awkward moment aired on The Morning Show, Eddy is seen calling out to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas as they walk past, but they don’t even turn to face her.

Michael Douglas was not paying attention as Edwina called out to him. Photo: The Morning Show

“Catherine and Michael, can we have a chat for Australian TV?” she calls out from across the carpet.

“Michael, congratulations on your nomination! Larry and Kylie send their best, all the way from The Morning Show,” she trails off to camera, clearly seeing the funny side.

A veteran TV reporter, this isn’t Eddy’s first red carpet snub, and won’t be her last.

Back in 2017, she compiled a montage of her best Emmys snubs for Sunrise, which saw her shout out (unsuccessfully) to nine celebs including James Corden and Claire Foy.

At least she doesn’t take herself too seriously!

Edwina also let her Instagram followers in on a little wardrobe hack from this year which was a bit of a scorcher by the sounds of it.

Posting an image of the back of her dress to her Instagram stories, she showed that she had an icepack strapped on to keep herself cool.

Edwina shared her hack for keeping cool - an icepack stapped to her back. Photo: Instagram/Edwina Bartholomew

Return after Twiter scandal

Screenshot of the exchange as posted by TV Blackbox. Photo: Twitter/ 9News

They’re Edwina’s first social media posts since she sent out a tweet about Nine journalist Seb Costello that reportedly left him ‘devastated’ and the network consulting lawyers.

The tweet in question was a response to Nine News Melbourne’s story regarding a security scare at the Victorian state parliament which was reported by Seb, the son of former Australian Treasurer Peter Costello.

Edwina, who was on assignment in London at the time, tweeted in response, “Surprisingly articulate for a (censored)”.

It is believed the tweet was deleted after just 50 minutes, and the words have been censored in screenshots for legal reasons.

Public apology

Edwina has since made a public statement of apology, saying the tweet was a mistake.

“I was half asleep and on the other side of the world,” she told the Herald Sun.

“My apologies to Seb and all involved. No offence was intended and hopefully none was taken.

Seb and Nine talk to lawyers

Seb Costello has commented publicly on the Twitter scandal. Photo: Instagram/seb.costello_

Following Eddy’s public statement, Seb revealed on radio that he heard of the tweet while away with family, and would be in talks with his lawyers in the immediate future.

“Well, and that’s probably why I can’t say too much... I’ll be talking to lawyers today and that’s all I’ve got to say,” he told Eddy McGuire on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast Show, where he presents the news.

“I’ll move on and do my job.”

Seven backs Eddy

It comes after a source at Nine told Yahoo Lifestyle the network was ‘devastated and shocked at the damaging and false nature of this personal attack on a public platform’.

Since then, a Seven source reportedly confirmed they will back Eddy, and if her appearance this morning on the red carpet is anything to go by, they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Eddy was reportedly ‘panicked and distraught’ in the wake of the incident, but is putting on a brave face from the purple carpet.

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