The Easy Way to Make Bananas 300% More Delicious

Bunch of bananas in kitchen

Bananas are one of the most delicious and versatile fruits on the planet. They can be eaten either raw or cooked, and make an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch or a snack. We love them in pancakes, breads, desserts and more.

On top of their ability to level up some of our favorite foods, bananas are also a solid addition to a healthy diet. They're a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals (especially potassium). Bananas also contain prebiotics, which can help digestion and overall gut health.

And although bananas are delicious all on their own, we recently ran across a banana recipe that we absolutely had to try—air-fried bananas. There are lots of variations of the recipe online, but we happened upon the one from @cookwithskye. It was so simple and looked so delicious—and we happened to have some bananas that needed to be used up—so we decided to give it a shot.

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<p>Nathan Hutsenpiller</p>

Nathan Hutsenpiller

How to Air Fry Bananas

Start by preheating your air fryer to 400°. Slice a banana in half lengthwise, starting from the base and ending at the stem. Keeping it in the peel makes it easy and less messy, though you can also peel and slice the banana if you prefer. Place the two halves face up on the cutting board and sprinkle with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar. We used organic cane sugar, but this recipe would also be good with brown sugar we bet.

Once dusted in the cinnamon sugar, place the banana cut side up in the air fryer basket and cook for about 8 minutes. You'll know it's ready when the cinnamon sugar is bubbly and browned on top. Transfer the banana to a plate and top with whatever you'd like. We went with ice cream, but you could also head in a breakfast-y direction with some yogurt and granola or nuts or use a banana split as inspo and top with ice cream, hot fudge sauce and a cherry.

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<p>Nathan Hutsenpiller</p>

Nathan Hutsenpiller

What I Thought of Air Fried Bananas

This method not only elevates the already delicious flavor of bananas, it’s so simple that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner. We can see this recipe being an easy dessert to whip up on a date night with your loved one or served on a larger scale while hosting a friends and family barbeque for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

And remember, allow time for your bananas to ripen. A good banana will be bright yellow with some brown spots peppered across its peel, so if you still see green, allow an extra day or so before digging in. Otherwise, toss those suckers in the air fryer and whip out your favorite ice cream because it’s dessert season.

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