It's Easy To Hack Dunkin's Discontinued Dunkaccino

Dunkin' Donuts coffee with a paper bag
Dunkin' Donuts coffee with a paper bag - Tim Boyle/Getty Images

When they say, "America runs on Dunkin'," they're not kidding. The coffee and donut juggernaut that's headquartered near Boston sells a staggering 60 cups of coffee every second, which works out to be nearly ​​2 billion cups of coffee a year. Dunkin's coffee comes in many forms, from its classic blend served hot to Boston's favorite iced coffee (sipped all year round).

For fans of the specialty Dunkaccino, however, the picture hasn't been so rosy lately. In a sad move for folks who loved the chocolatey drink that came with a boost of caffeine, Dunkin' discontinued the Dunkaccino in 2023, leaving a to-go cup-shaped hole in a lot of coffee drinkers' hearts. All is not lost, however, because, with a little bit of easy, creative ordering, you can still get a pretty authentic Dunkaccino experience.

If you're not ready to say goodbye to the beloved beverage that Dunkin' once described on Facebook as "a unique blend of coffee and hot chocolate flavors," all you have to do is order a Dunkin' Hot Chocolate and a Turbo Shot and mix the two together. While Dunkin' does serve a Mocha Latte, Dunkaccino fans know that it's not the same. This off-menu hack, however, gets you pretty darn close.

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Dunkaccino Versus Mocha Latte

Close-up of a Dunkin' Dunkaccino
Close-up of a Dunkin' Dunkaccino - news12nj/Instagram

After the fall of the mighty Dunkaccino, lots of people took to the internet looking for a way to fill the void. Many tried the switch to the chain's Mocha Latte, but as coffee lovers know, a latte is mostly milk with a shot of espresso, which doesn't taste the same as a mix of coffee and hot chocolate. When you think about it in those terms, however, it's pretty simple to order something that tastes a lot like the original.

The first Dunkaccino came along in 2000 and was likely the result of people simply ordering a mix of coffee and hot chocolate, so it's just a matter of getting back to basics. The Dunkaccino evolved over time into a proprietary mix, but the basic chemistry of the drink is the same. In fact, one TikTok'er, Meagan Lewis-Michelson, found that you can get almost the same flavor if you ask them to mix a shot of espresso in hot chocolate.

"It tastes just as delicious, you get your caffeine, you get your chocolate, bada bing, bada boom," the TikToker said.

Customize Your Off-Menu Dunkaccino

A hand holding a frozen Dunkin' Dunkaccino
A hand holding a frozen Dunkin' Dunkaccino - amlyounesss/Instagram

Now, if you are one of the rare few who prefers a frozen Dunkaccino, there's a totally different workaround to get your frosty fix. According to Reddit users, all you have to do is order a Frozen Chocolate with three pumps of frozen coffee syrup and whipped cream. Unlike a lot of "off menu" or "secret menu" items, this particular Dunkaccino hack is very easy, so you shouldn't have any problems ordering it at your favorite Dunks. It also comes with another silver lining: You're totally free to customize it even more if you want to.

While the original beverage really came with only two options, hot or iced, now you can order your chocolatey drink with an extra shot of espresso, a squirt of caramel, extra whipped cream, or however else you'd like it. If you're still really missing the original Dunkaccino despite the hacks, however, you shouldn't totally give up. Old products have been known to come back from the dead as long as they hold some nostalgia. In fact, a Dunkin' spokesperson even told People that all hope is not lost. "The Dunkaccino is retired for now," they said, "But there's always the chance for its return in the future."

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