This Easy 80-Year-Old Cookie Recipe is Perfect for Easter

80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies

Carrot cake is a classic baked good for many of us, but during World War II, there was another carrot-based treat that bakers were making in their kitchens: carrot cookies. Due to wartime shortages and rationing of essential food items like sugar, carrots served as a valuable substitute in various recipes. They were often used as a sweetener in desserts, such as these cookies, reducing the need to use up the scarce sugar.

When I came across this carrot cookie recipe from an online blog that focuses on recipes from the 1940s, I knew I had to give the 80-year-old gem a go. Passed down through generations, this time-honored recipe seemed to encapsulate the essence of home baking, embodying warmth, comfort and nostalgia. The best part? I also noticed that it only required one bowl and a handful of easy-to-find ingredients. Here's what happened when I made it in my kitchen.

Get the recipe: 80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies

80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies Ingredients<p>Courtesy of Choya Johnson</p>
80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies Ingredients

Courtesy of Choya Johnson

Ingredients for the 80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies

This recipe only requires a list of simple ingredients: margarine (or butter or Earth Balance for a vegan-friendly option), sugar, vanilla extract, self-rising flour (or all-purpose flour mixed with half a teaspoon of baking powder), grated raw carrot and water.

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How to Make the 80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies

Preheat your oven to 375°F, then start making the cookie dough. Cream the margarine and sugar in a mixing bowl, along with the vanilla, until the mixture is smooth and well combined. Next, mix in the grated carrot until it's evenly distributed. Gradually fold in the flour, adding water as needed to help the mixture form a smooth dough.

Drop spoonfuls of dough onto a greased baking tray, pressing down slightly to shape the cookies. Before baking, sprinkle the tops of the cookies with extra sugar for added sweetness and texture. Bake until the cookies are golden brown and slightly firm to the touch, which should take 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the cookies from the oven and let them cool on the baking sheet for a few minutes before transferring them to a wire rack to cool completely.

80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies Prep<p>Courtesy of Choya Johnson</p>
80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies Prep

Courtesy of Choya Johnson

What I Thought of the 80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies

Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed these cookies! With the carrot being a main ingredient here, I didn’t think I would enjoy them as much as I did, but they had the perfect consistency. The texture of each cookie was chewy, thanks to the carrot, and also still firm (in a good way).

Another thing I loved about these cookies was the fact that they were sweet, but not overly sweet. The added sugar on top gave me what I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling as if it was too much. My only complaint is that the recipe only makes about 10 cookies because I definitely wanted more. Overall, I would absolutely make these again—especially if I need a better-for-you treat. I'd suggest that you enjoy these cookies with a cup of tea on spring afternoon or savor them as a midnight snack.

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80-Year-Old Cookies Final <p>Courtesy of Choya Johnson</p>
80-Year-Old Cookies Final

Courtesy of Choya Johnson

Tips for Making the 80-Year-Old Carrot Cookies

  1. Double the recipe. If you’d like to enjoy more than just 10 cookies at a time, be sure to double the recipe so that you can get more in each batch.

  2. Don’t skip the sugar on top. If you’re like me and like to taste your sugar, adding the sprinkle of sugar atop each cookie before baking is a must-do.

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