This Easy 50-Year-Old Cookie Recipe Will Take You Right Back to the 70s

We’ve had some pretty good times this year revisiting 90s-era food trends and vintage recipes from previous generations. Some of the trends and recipes stood the test of time, while others should have been left behind. But hindsight is always 20/20, and what may be viewed as ridiculous today, might have been seen as cutting-edge in the past. And still, it’s always an adventure taking a peek into history because these trends and recipes tell a story about the attitude, mindset and influences from every era.

The '70s are known for the counterculture movement, artistic expression, individual freedom and challenging social norms—think Cherdiscolava lamps, shag rugs and big collars. On the food side, things were a little less loose and included stuff like Watergate saladfondue and the introduction of Hamburger Helper.

Getting food on the table was becoming faster, easier and more convenient, which brings me to the most recent 70s-era recipe I stumbled upon—Strawberry Fluffies. Not quite sure what Strawberry Fluffies are? Well, I wasn’t either, until I made a batch for myself. Here's how it went down.

Get the recipe: 1970s Strawberry Fluffies

Ingredients for 1970s Strawberry Fluffies <p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Ingredients for 1970s Strawberry Fluffies

Courtesy of Dante Parker

Ingredients for 1970s Strawberry Fluffies

The ingredients list is short and sweet—literally. To make these convenient confections, you’ll need one box of strawberry cake mix, Cool Whip and powdered sugar. Simple enough, right?

<em>Cookie Dough Prep for 1970s Strawberry Fluffies </em><p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Cookie Dough Prep for 1970s Strawberry Fluffies

Courtesy of Dante Parker

How to Make Strawberry Fluffies

Well, if you thought the list of ingredients was simple, the process for making these delightful treats is even simpler.

In a large bowl, mix the cake mix and Cool Whip until the two ingredients are completely combined. Scoop the sticky batter-like dough into bouncy-ball-sized orbs and place them on a cookie sheet. Shower them in powdered sugar and bake for about 12 minutes at 350°. And that’s it! Let these treats cool and get ready to enjoy.

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<em>Unbaked Cookie Dough for </em><em>1970s Strawberry Fluffies </em><p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Unbaked Cookie Dough for 1970s Strawberry Fluffies

Courtesy of Dante Parker

What I Thought about the 1970s Strawberry Fluffies

This recipe could have gotten left in the '70s and I don't think anyone would have missed it. I don’t hate the “fluffies,” but even after making them, I still don’t quite understand what they’re supposed to be. Remember Gak, the toy from the '90s? Well, that is what this dessert reminded me of.

The taste is that of artificial strawberry flavoring and the texture is that of warm cookie dough. This dessert would probably go over well at a school pizza party or at a kids' sleepover, but as an adult, I never need to have them again. I would have rather used the cake mix to just make a cake.

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Final Baked <em>1970s Strawberry Fluffies </em><p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Final Baked 1970s Strawberry Fluffies

Courtesy of Dante Parker

Tips for Making 1970s Strawberry Fluffies

  1. Use a spoon or ice cream scooper to portion the batter. Don’t wear gloves to make or shape the balls of batter like I did. The batter is sticky and only makes it harder to shape the dough.

  2. Don’t make the dough balls too large. The results are large discs that resemble strawberry cookies, but only by looks alone. You're better off scooping out smaller portions of dough.

  3. Add real strawberries. With strawberry season upon us, try folding chopped strawberries into the cookie dough for a hit of real fruit flavor.

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