Eastside Golf Launches Its First-Ever Women's Line

Over the last few years Eastside Golf has emerged as one of a few micro golf apparel brands to break into the mainstream. With a strategic vision, what began as two former college golfers selling hoodies out of a backpack has turned into a brand that has multiple collaborations with Jordan under its belt, and most recently a partnership with Mercedes-Benz. At last month's Masters Tournament, Mercedes-Benz and Eastside Golf provided a preview of what was to come, delivering a co-branded capsule for women, and now the lifestyle apparel label has released its first solo offering for women.

The 20-piece range of apparel and accessories takes a versatile approach to the game, with tracksuits, banded crop tees, skirts and pique polos that can be worn to the golf course or to a workout class. Further, as one of the only Black-owned brands in golf, designing apparel with inclusivity in mind was a key focus. That's why co-founder and creative director Olajuwon Ajanaku worked with a female design team to bring the collection to life.

"We didn’t want to ‘shrink and pink’ our existing products; we wanted to create something authentic and considered," said Ajanaku. "This is why we dedicated additional resources to bringing on designers with extensive expertise in women’s apparel." This mindset is on display with the collection's headwear, which is designed to suit women with a variety of hairstyles and textures. And while many of the pieces feature clean lines, hidden pockets ensure functionality is maintained for those who want to carry golf balls, tees or other essentials.

"We are incredibly proud of the collection and hope to draw in women who are looking for golf clothing that is not just functional but fashionable, and gives them the confidence to be their authentic selves on and off the course,” added Earl Cooper, Eastside's CEO and second co-founder.

The first delivery is available now on Eastside Golf's website, with the items priced between $50 and $160 USD.