Easily Elevate Your Salmon Dinner With A Flavorful Compound Butter

salmon fillet on plate
salmon fillet on plate - FoodAndPhoto/Shutterstock

It's time to step away from your go-to lemon and garlic salmon recipe. As delicious as the basic preparation might be, we have an easier way to infuse your next salmon fillets with mouthwatering flavors. Instead of reaching for cooking oil or the plain butter sitting in the door of your fridge, consider using compound butter to elevate your next meal.

While buttered salmon seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and flaky sea salt already offers rich and decadent mouthfuls, compound butter is your shortcut to a tasty meal. Compound butter may sound fancy, but it is easy to make at home. The creamy ingredient is already packed with your choices of spices, seasonings, and herbs, so you don't have to do much thinking when it is time to put a salmon dinner on the table. Once you've whipped up the butter with herbs and spices, you will have the convenient, easy-to-use ingredient in your fridge to slather onto tonight's main dish. The flavored, buttery spread will generously melt across the surface of your protein, providing an Instagram-worthy crispy coating of gold, and your salmon will taste gourmet without any complicated preparation or extensive effort.

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We Are Salivating Already

salmon plated on dish
salmon plated on dish - Magrig/Shutterstock

From compound butter made with miso, buttery spreads packed with rosemary, or a punchy recipe made with red pepper, your imagination is the only limit to these compound butter culinary projects. Mix garlic into a high-quality butter or stir in spiced honey for a taste of sweet heat. Then, lather up your salmon filets with the ready-to-go ingredient, and your fish will burst with flavor without you having to reach into your spice cabinet and search for labels.

Whether you bake your salmon, throw them onto the grill, or toss them into the air fryer, your herby, spicy, and flavorful buttered fish will be the shining star at the dining room table. The best part? You can serve shallow dishes of your compound butter creations along with your plated meal for guests to add more of the decadent spread onto their fish, slather the seasoned butter onto dinner rolls, or coat a side of simple steamed broccoli. Make more than you think you need to feed your guests; seconds won't be present at this meal.

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