E-bike bursts into flames outside Buckingham Palace as firefighters are called

An electric-powered tricycle burst into flames while parked outside Buckingham Palace.

Video posted on social media show firefighters tackling the blaze on Spur Road in central London at around 12.42pm on Saturday afternoon.

One person who posted footage of the incident on X reported hearing an “explosion” as the vehicle caught fire.

The charred remains of what appeared to be a tricycle and its frame were seen after the blaze was put out.

It’s thought the e-vehicle was being used to tow a rickshaw or a pedicab.

The Metropolitan Police said the fire was not believed to be suspicious or deliberate and the incident was over quickly.

The fire is believed to have started inside the e-vehicle’s battery.

E-bike and e-scooter fires have become increasingly common as the vehicles become more widely used in London and other cities.

The majority of fires involving them were in homes while their batteries were being charged.

London Fire Brigade said that, on average in 2023, it was called to an e-bike or e-scooter fire once every two days. The brigade says the risk of fire increases when unsafe or damaged batteries are charged.

A man died in north London in July last year after e-bike started a fire at a property in Kentish Town.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “At 12.43hrs on Saturday, 30 March police were informed of a pedicab on fire on Spur Road, SW1.

“A road closure was in place while London Fire Brigade responded. No injuries were reported.

“The fire is not believed to be suspicious or deliberate.”