Dylan Dreyer Details Roadtrip Incident That Left Her 'Scarred'

Dylan Dreyer

Dylan Dreyer and her family may love traveling together, but there's one trip in the car that left her "scarred" after things went terribly wrong, and from now on, Dreyer family road trips will never be the same.

The meteorologist opened up about the unfortunately memorable moment during a recent episode of Today, where Al Roker asked her how she kept her young kids—sons Calvin, 7, Oliver, 4, and Russell, 2—occupied in the car as they discussed the potential for a new travel record this past Memorial Day.

Dreyer and her husband, Brian Fichera, once gave the children iPads to keep themselves busy during a lengthy travel day, but after a horrible instance of car sickness, now, she says they "all sing together" instead.

"That's gotta be a terrible trip," Craig Melvin joked, leading Dreyer to detail the drive to Boston where her eldest, Calvin, was watching something on his tablet when he threw up all over the back seat.

It's a memory that's left her "scarred," according to the show's caption on Instagram, explaining that it all went down in December 2023.

"Trying to get that out of a car seat is absolutely disgusting, right?" she defended—not to mention cleaning up the electronics. As a result, there are "no iPads in the car" moving forward, nor are the boys allowed to read while in motion.

"So we're going to sing, like good old National Lampoon's Vacation-style," she concluded.

"Oh, good, a little R-rated songs for the kids," Roker interjected, causing the group to laugh. "Excellent!"

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