Dunkin's Summer Menu Will Have You Wanting S'More

Dunkin’ restaurant

Nearly two months after teasing its refreshing menu additions for the early summer, Dunkin’ is upping the ante with a new round of seasonal offerings that fans can’t wait to try.

In early April, Dunkin’ revealed four new beverages and three new food items that hit stores on May 1. The early summer menu additions, some of which featured fruity flavors like watermelon, kiwi and lemonade, excited many fans.

Several weeks later, Dunkin’ customers are finding new reasons to look forward to summer with the unveiling of the coffee and donut chain’s updated summer menu.

Three of the new menu items embrace a s’mores theme that feels perfect for summer, according to food blogger Markie Devo. These items include two beverages and one donut: the S’mores Cold Brew, Bonfire S’mores Frozen Coffee and the S’mores Specialty Donut.

Dunkin’s new cold brew will include a special S’mores-flavored syrup and graham cracker crumbles sprinkled on top of marshmallow cold foam. The frozen coffee will also include the s’mores syrup, as well as a vanilla-flavored shot. Mocha drizzle and a special graham sprinkling will be added to the drink’s whipped cream topping, according to a Friday, May 31 Instagram preview.

Meanwhile, the S’mores donut will be stuffed with marshmallow filling and partly covered with chocolate frosting. Pieces of graham and chocolate will be sprinkled over the donut’s icing coating.

In addition to Dunkin’s new s’mores offerings, the chain will also add two fruity beverages to its summer menu. One will be a berry and peach drink, called the Tornado Twist Sparkd’ Energy, and the other will be a simpler lemonade and tea pairing, called the Iced Tea Lemonade.

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The final food items that Devo previewed involve various takes on a hot honey and bacon blend. The Hot Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich will marry the hot honey taste with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, while the Hot Honey Bacon Wake-Up Wrap folds the same basic ingredients into a flour tortilla. The Hot Honey Snackin' Bacon will feature eight partial slices of hot honey-flavored bacon.

An unnamed Dunkin’ employee told the food blogger that the new seasonal menu items will reportedly be available starting on June 26.

Several fans seemed thrilled by the new additions, with many raving over how excited they felt to test out the new s’mores items.


“Has dunkin been in the room while I've been whining about wanting smores this whole time,” another fan wondered.

"Yessss I'm here for all the s'mores! 😍🔥,” one Instagram user cheered.

“Smores frozen coffee is gonna happen!😋😋 Oh yes, it will be mine! 😅😋,” another person wrote.

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