I'm Pretty Much The Dumbest Guy On Earth So These 21 Absolutely Incredible Pictures Absolutely Put My Brain In A Blender Immediately After I Saw Them

I'm Pretty Much The Dumbest Guy On Earth So These 21 Absolutely Incredible Pictures Absolutely Put My Brain In A Blender Immediately After I Saw Them

1.This is what Mount Rushmore looks like "zoomed out":

Mount Rushmore National Memorial depicting four US presidents carved into rock face

It's almost cute. Our adorable l'il disembodied presidents.

Buyenlarge / Getty Images

2.This is what the shadows during an eclipse look like:

Shadow pattern on ground next to a beaded curtain casting a matrix of light spots


u/mxracer948 / Via reddit.com

3.If you win a car on The Price Is Right you get a special little license plate cover:

License plate reads "PEGGY 1" with a frame stating "I won this car on The Price is Right." Vehicle appears dusty

4.This is what a pick-up truck from 1985 looks like compared to the behemoths that are modern pick-up trucks:

Three pickup trucks parked, the middle Toyota occupies two spaces
u/alertmax15000 / Via reddit.com

5.This is what a living sand dollar looks like compared with a dead one:

A large, brown, flat circular sea urchin and a smaller, white one with small slits

6.This is what first class on a plane in 1960 looked like:

Black-and-white photo of people sitting in what looks more like a living room, with plush, far-apart seats, and a flight attendant walking down a winding staircase

Okay... but... do they get free pretzels?

Marka / Touring Club Italiano / Marka / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

7.Owls have big ol' long legs:

Owl perched on a beam with a hand gently petting it; seen indoors with brick background

Check out the gams on Birdie.

u/gallowboob / Via reddit.com

8.This is what a 3-year-old Albert Einstein looked like:

A young child with lace-up ankle boots, a long button-down top with a ribbon tie, skirt and short pants, and a jacket

Unmistakable Eistein mug on our friend Al, there.

Apic / Getty Images

9.The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is shrinking:

Side-by-side of Jupiter in different times

10.This is the first computer Apple ever developed:

Vintage computer prototype with exposed components and keyboard on a wooden base

It looks nothing like an apple. Not even like an orange.

Science & Society Picture Librar / SSPL via Getty Images

11.This is a list of the causes of death of everyone who died in London in 1632:

Summary of historical text showing 'Bills of Mortality' for London, 1632, categorizing various causes of death for that year

Me, personally? I'm dying from "Planet."

u/publicno3793 / Via reddit.com

12.This is what the steering wheel of an F1 race car looks like:

A race car steering wheel

Looks simple enough.


13.This is what a canal in Venice looks like completely drained:

Narrow Venice canal with moored boats and buildings on either side. A person stands by the canal

Sound off in the comments how much money it would take for you to take a big ol' gulp of Venice canal water.

Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

14.Pictured here is a proto-type space suit, the Hardsuit AX-3, developed in the 1970s:

Individual in a vintage spacesuit with helmet and tubes, standing against a plain backdrop

15.This is how giant Galapagos tortoises sleep:

A giant tortoise

That's a lot of tortoise.


16.This is the Dale Creek Bridge, an bridge built in Wyoming in the 1800s that was so rickety that trains had to slow down to 4 miles per hour to cross it safely:

Old photograph of a steam train crossing a high trestle bridge over rocky terrain

My friends, you'll have to miss me with the rickety ol' 19th century bridge.

Graphicaartis / Getty Images

17.This is selection of prosthetic face parts designed for World War I veterans:

Various pairs of vintage glasses with eyes edited into the lenses on a plain background

Me, personally? Can't say I'm a fan of war.

Boyer / Roger Viollet via Getty Images

18.Bookworms are not only REAL, this is the kind of damage they can do to a poor, defenseless book:

Butterfly on an open book with text, creating a heart shadow with its wings

Just plain disrespectful.

u/shampoo_soup / Via reddit.com

19.This is what the fang of a ball python looks like after it bites you:

Close-up of tweezers holding a tiny metal splinter, showcasing precision. Used in an article about internet finds

20.Back when people were so inclined to do so, this was one way to board and travel by blimp:

People boarding a blimp

Thanks, but no thanks.

Library Of Congress

21.And, finally, this is what 46 four-leaf clovers look like:

Person holding a handful of fresh four-leaf clovers