There’s a New Duke’s Mayo Coming to Shelves

Your sandwiches will never be the same.

<p>Fred Hardy/Allrecipes</p>

Fred Hardy/Allrecipes

Mayonnaise is a staple in almost everyone's fridge. It's the perfect simple sandwich spread. Open a can of tuna, mix it with mayo, add a few seasonings, and you have a quick tuna salad for lunch. It's a necessity in many dips and can even be used instead of butter or oil in cookies and cake.

The one thing traditional mayonnaise can't do is be an ingredient in a vegan dish because homemade mayo and storebought mayo, such as Kraft or Hellmann's, are made with eggs. For those who follow a plant-based diet, that's a problem. The eggs in mayo are the only reason dishes such as Vegetarian Chickpea Sandwich Filling and many versions of potato salad aren't vegan.

Several plant-based mayos are on store shelves now, and one of the biggest names in mayonnaise, Duke's, is telling stores to make more room on their vegan mayo shelves because it just unveiled a version of vegan mayonnaise.

Duke’s New Plant-Based Mayo

Plant-based foods are increasingly popular, even with non-vegans, and they're expected to grow in popularity over the next 10 years. So Duke's has created a mayonnaise that contains no animal products whatsoever and succinctly named it Plant-Based Mayo.

<p>Fred Hardy/Allrecipes</p>

Fred Hardy/Allrecipes

Duke's traditional mayo is known for its tanginess, which other brands lack. In a taste test of mayonnaise biscuits (in case you didn't know, mayonnaise biscuits are amazing), Duke's beat out Hellmann's for one factor and one factor only. Using the same recipe for both batches of biscuits and only switching out the brands of mayo, the batch made with Duke's "had a delightful tang, which was lacking in the Hellmann's batch."

Duke's has crafted its Plant-Based Mayo with the same "signature twang" as its traditional version. Although it still wouldn't make biscuits vegan (they usually contain milk), that twang (aka tanginess) can now be found in Vegan Creamy Southwest Dressing or Vegan Pasta Salad—if you make them with the new Duke's eggless mayo.

If you're strictly plant-based or you choose to eat plant-based more often for any reason, Duke's has now given you one more ingredient to make that plant-based eating easier and turn traditionally non-vegan dishes such as onion dip for raw veggie snacking into a plant-based dish.

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