Dua Lipa Reacted To Those "Go Girl, Give Us Nothing" Memes And It Sounds Like Her Feelings Were Hurt

Dua Lipa was not amused by those "Go girl, give us nothing" memes.

Dua Lipa tucking her hair behind her ear while on the red carpet
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If you remember, the memes originated from her performance at the 2018 Brit Awards. In a now-deleted comment, a viewer wrote, "Go girl, give us nothing" in response to a clip of Dua spiritlessly shaking her hips onstage, resulting in a bunch of memes and mean comments.

Reflecting on the moment in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Dua admitted it was "painful" when she saw the jokes online.

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“I did find that really hurtful, and I found it really painful because I was like, ‘I’m finally getting to do something that I love to do, and I’m being shut down, that I just can’t seem to do anything right,’” she shared.

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"Not only that, but I was also being thrown around the world," Dua added, explaining that, at the time, she had to do "lots of promos, lots of rehearsing, lots of everything, and not having really time to perfect anything."

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The pop star previously said how the criticism she faced led her to want to improve her future performances.

Dua singing into a mic on stage
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“I just wanted to make sure that this time around, I was very much in control of the fact that I'm going to do the music, then I'm going to rehearse," she told Vanity Fair in 2021.

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"And then when I come in and I do the performances, they're all going to be amazing," she continued. "I'm going to prove to people that I can do this and that I'm here to stay."

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