Dua Lipa’s Method For “Grilling" Shrimp Has The Internet In A Chokehold, And It’s The “Kendall Jenner Cutting A Cucumber” Moment We’ve Been Waiting For All Year

For those of you that love celebrity news and shellfish, boy do I have the story for you.

dua lipa at the barbie premiere next to a photo of shrimp
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If you're constantly stalking Dua Lipa's Instagram like I am, you might know that the singer has been traveling quite a bit lately.

Her latest travels have her in Ibiza to celebrate her 28th birthday with family and friends. And in a recent video originally posted to her sister Rina Lipa's stories, Dua is seen grilling some shrimp for a large feast.

Dua Lipa cooking shrimp in new video. pic.twitter.com/NtCkZPeqz4

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) August 29, 2023

@PopCrave / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

But, um, hang on a sec. Feels like we're missing something.

dua lipa grilling shrimp

Let's zoom in a bit. Is she even cooking these? Is the grill on? Why are they just in a pile like that?! I have so many questions.

a zoomed in angle of dua lipa grilling shrimp

I'm definitely no chef, just a friendly pescatarian, but I feel like there should be visible smoke or flames or a sizzle — IDK! Needless to say, everyone is just as equally confused as I am.

doesn’t even look like there’s fire under it 😭 they really could’ve staged it better

— 𝕝𝕦𝕔𝕚 𝕥𝕙𝕒 𝕕𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕝 ♡ (@lucidevlinxyz) August 29, 2023

@lucidevlinxyz / Via Twitter: @lucidevlinxyz

It’s cooking in the sun. Give it time 😂🤣

— JoyBoy 🌕 (@So__JoyBoy) August 29, 2023

@So__JoyBoy / Via Twitter: @So__JoyBoy

She must be cooking them things on low low cause I don’t see one puff of grill smoke

— D’Ron (@CinematicCase) August 30, 2023

@CinematicCase / Via Twitter: @CinematicCase

Naturally, everyone is convinced it's staged.

“Take a video of me grilling these shrimp”

— Charles Watkins | KCP (@synstv) August 29, 2023

@synstv / Via Twitter: @synstv

The original video caption from @PopCrave is also hilarious and gives such "Look! Celebrities do normal things, too!" energy. You might just catch me wearing "Dua Lipa grilling shrimp in new video" merch soon.

my dad staring at my graphic tee at thanksgiving this year: so what does “dua lipa cooking shrimp in new video” mean https://t.co/ENk358gjl8

— Jill Gutowitz (@jillboard) August 29, 2023

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happy dua lipa cooking shrimp in new video day to all that observe https://t.co/A7YCekLDxj

— well no um (@charleighs_angl) August 30, 2023

@charleighs_angl / Via Twitter: @charleighs_angl

Maybe even "You're telling me a Dua Lipa'd this shrimp?" merch.

You’re telling me a Dua Lipa’d this Shrimp? https://t.co/qyRGb99mZQ

— 7/11 Truther (@DaveMcNamee3000) August 29, 2023

@DaveMcNamee3000 / Via Twitter: @DaveMcNamee3000

It really throws me back to the "Kendall Jenner cucumber" days. They're just like us, you guys! I promise!

this is up there with that clip of kendall jenner trying to cut a cucumber https://t.co/tJMendPe9V

— AGOSTINHO™️ ⚔️ (@agostinhozinga) August 29, 2023

@agostinhozinga / Via Twitter: @agostinhozinga

TBH, Dua's shrimp look like they're cooked through at least (otherwise they'd be gray), so that grill must've been turned on at some point. But, like, why are they all stacked on top of each other?! I think that's my biggest gripe.

Dua Lipa cooking shrimp

At the end of the day, Dua Lipa could serve me raw shrimp and I'd still thank her endlessly for giving me such an incredible opportunity.