Drew Barrymore Has No Intention of Embracing Her Grays: 'I Don't Feel Ready' (Exclusive)

The talk show host, who just launched her very own at-home hair color box with Nutrisse, says she can't give up coloring her hair just yet

<p>Arturo Holmes/WireImage</p> Drew Barrymore in 2022

Arturo Holmes/WireImage

Drew Barrymore in 2022

There are plenty of women in Hollywood who have recently embraced their grays, from Andie McDowell, to Alexandra Grant and Stacy London.

But one woman who just can't do it, at least not yet, anyway, is Drew Barrymore.

"I do love that it's trending and looks so beautiful and is like a fashion statement," she tells PEOPLE of women leaning into their natural hair color. "But I just don't feel ready to go down that road."

The talk show host and mom to daughters Olive, 11, and Frankie, 9, who has been coloring her hair at home for years and who recently launched her own hair shade with Nutrisse, jokes that these days she knows she has a lot gray hairs, it's just a matter of if and when she chooses to show them off.

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<p>Garnier Nutrisse</p> Drew Barrymore hold her new hair color, in partnership with Nutrisse

Garnier Nutrisse

Drew Barrymore hold her new hair color, in partnership with Nutrisse

"I'm only 48 so it's not completely gray, but I definitely have lot of gray hairs," she says. "But I can also keep dyeing it. I don't really care if I look like a Just For Men ad when I'm older."

When it comes to her hair color, she says she now loves being a honey blonde after years and years of bleach to maintain being a bright blonde.

"It's almost a bronze," she says of her hair color Nutrisse 70 Dark Natural Blonde, for which she graces the box for the first time. "It's not too light. Light is something I can't do anymore because of the maintenance. I can't deal with roots, roots, roots."

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Barrymore adds that while she's here for a little maintenance when it comes to her hair, she feels the opposite when it comes to getting work done on her face.

"Never say never, but I haven't resorted to it yet," she says of getting injectables or fillers. "I'm going to maintain that for as long as possible. Because I'm not only interested in seeing myself as a Just For Men ad, but also as an old leather bag."

While Barrymore's joking, but she does note that because of her addictive personality, she's nervous about getting into topical treatments and plastic surgery. "I fear I would continue to chase that, and be like, now this, and that."

<p>Garnier Nutrisse</p> Drew Barrymore's shade of Nutrisse hair color

Garnier Nutrisse

Drew Barrymore's shade of Nutrisse hair color

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After years of a wild Hollywood ride, Barrymore knows that most important thing is to be healthy and happy.

"I saw something from Cindy Crawford on her social saying that she embraced aging. That's such positive, healthy messaging. She was like, it means you're here, that you're alive, that you're living," Barrymore says.

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She adds that everything has gotten simpler as she's gotten a little older, including her beauty routine, which just included using Micellar Water to remove her makeup, and vitamin E oil.

"It's so simplified right now due to just where I'm at in my life," she says. "Whether it's like a perimenopause or just my age or my skin, I cannot handle a lot of products anymore."

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