Dragon Ball Theme Park To Open in Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya Tourism Project


Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya Investment Company has announced that it will be building a Dragon Ball Theme Park. As a planned megaproject for tourism and entertainment, construction on Qiddiya, which is located within the capital city of Riyadh, began in 2019. Since then, developers have announced an e-sports and gaming district, Six Flags, a water park and more all to be built within Qiddiya.

The Dragon Ball Theme Park is the latest of 12 planned amusement parks and will mark the first park dedicated to the Dragon Ball franchise.

The Investment Company shared digital mock-ups of the park and said that it will feature landmarks from the various Dragon Ball sagas, including Kame House Island, Capsule Corporation and Beerus’ Planet. Within the park will be 30 rides and 5 main attractions, such as the Shenron rollercoaster.

Seven dragon balls will provide the inspiration for seven different zones of the park. Visitors will also be able to try food from the Dragon Ball universe, as well as stay in themed hotels

“On a scale never imagined before, the park’s interactive and explorable themed experiences will allow you to live the adventures at the heart of the action, experiencing the journey from the first Dragon Ball series to the latest Dragon Ball Super,” Qiddiya Investment Company wrote.

The Dragon Ball Theme Park will span 1,640,400 square feet (500,000 square meters). A date for the park’s opening hasn’t been announced yet.