Dr Pepper Drops a New Creamy Coconut Flavor — and We Tried It

The limited-edition flavor will be in grocery stores nationwide on May 1

<p>courtesy of dr pepper </p> Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut

courtesy of dr pepper

Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut

Dr Pepper is known for its 23 flavors but the newest iteration brings the count up to 24.

The soda brand announced that Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut will be arriving on grocery shelves in May.

The limited-time flavor, available in regular and zero sugar versions, is described as having “layers of tropical coconut flavor and a delicious, creamy finish” and is the “only coconut-cream-flavored dark soda on the market,” per a press release.

The PEOPLE team got a first-look and more importantly, a first-taste of the summer-inspired pops. There is a distinct tropical scent immediately upon cracking open the regular and zero sugar cans, which initially worried some taste testers that there would be an overbearing coconut flavor. But, to our pleasant surprise, both versions were nicely balanced in having a pop of coconut while still tasting like the beloved soda.

The creaminess in the new flavor is not evident in the appearance of the soda — it is still the dark cola color like the original — but more obvious in the taste. The coconut flavor is reminiscent of a virgin piña colada versus rather than straight-up coconut. Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut Zero Sugar has a little more of an artificial coconut bite than its full-sugar counterpart but still supplies the fruity flavor.

Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut will be available in a 12-pack of 12 oz. cans or in 20 oz. bottles from May 1 through the end of July.

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<p>Coffee Mate's Dirty Soda</p>

Coffee Mate's Dirty Soda

Last month, Dr Pepper took creamy inspiration in a new direction with the help of Coffee Mate.

Coffee Mate and Dr Pepper joined forces in March to make a coconut lime creamer specifically made for dirty sodas. The limited-time creamer (which is still available!) is meant to be added to soda, rather than coffee, to make at-home versions of the viral drink.

Dirty soda is soda mixed with creamer or half and half, flavored syrups and lime juice. The drink popped up all across social media back in 2022 but has been popular in Utah since the 2010s. Dirty soda became a mocktail-esque mainstay in the state likely because Utah has a large population of Mormons who don't typically drink alcohol because of their religion.

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