Is this a UFO flying among the birds?

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A businessman was taking a picturesque photo of a beautiful lake when suddenly a strange object appeared out of nowhere.

John Chen was waiting for a taxi home one evening last week in China, when he decided to take some shots of Dian Lake.

The 44-year-old initially thought nothing of it when he returned to his home in Taipei, Taiwan, but was shocked when his sister-in-law spotted the mysterious but clear shape soaring among the birds.

John Chen was just taking nice photos of a lake. Photo: Caters News

“She said there was something in the pictures and I just thought she was joking,” John says.

“At first glance I thought it was the birds flying around but when I looked closely at the photo you can see there's definitely something there.

“It just has to be a UFO. It's a strange doughnut shape in the sky.”

John then went on to check with his colleagues, who had also taken some selfies at the lake, but none of them had noticed anything in their images.

It was a family member that spotted the strange doughnut shaped object. Photo: Caters News

After reflecting on the mystery of the strange object, which has ridged sides and a hole in the middle, the salesman decided to find a UFO expert in a bid to get answers.

"It's very curious,” he says. “I don't know what it is so my suggestion is that it's a UFO. It doesn't make any sense.”

Eventually he sent the picture to British UFO expert Philip Mantle who passed them on to a photo expert for analysis.

A UFO expert says the verdict remains 'open'. Photo: Caters News

Philip confessed he still can't explain the flying 'doughnut' and called the incident an 'open verdict'.

He says it’s always important to look at images of ‘UFOs’ with some scrutiny, given how easily it can be to photoshop an image.

"What I can say is that the photographer in question here has always cooperated and seems to be genuinely puzzled by the images on his photos,” Philip explains.

"He did not see the alleged UFO at the time of taking the photos. Instead it was a relative that noticed them when he posted them on social media.

"When taking all this into consideration I would have to say that the verdict on these pictures remains open.

"There is no proof yet that they are a hoax but that cannot be ruled out. Could it simply be some air born debris that has been caught by the camera? Possibly.

"More study needs to be done on these photos before any definite conclusion can be reached, so in the meantime it remains an open verdict."

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