Doritos Launches Flamin' Hot Mystery Flavor

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For Doritos fans who think they can handle the heat, there is a new flavor in town—a Flamin' Hot Mystery flavor, to be exact.

On Monday, April 29, Doritos Flamin' Hot Mystery became available to Walmart+ members through Walmart's April Early Access event—allowing members to purchase the limited-time offering 24 hours before the general public. The new flavor will reportedly be available nationwide at stores, including Walmart and Circle K, starting on April 30.

Food blogger Markie Devo shared a photo of the new flavor's packaging via Instagram, joking, "The flavor is Skittles Zombie old meatloaf from 2019(j.k😆)."

In the comments, Instagram users shared their reactions to the news. One person wasn't so sure about the mystery aspect of it, writing, "No thanks lol I’ll stick to the tangy pickle that just came back to [Dollar General]."

Another person shared, "I just ordered, can’t wait to find out what it is."

Meanwhile, others posted their guesses about what the mystery flavor might be. One commented, "My guess is teriyaki," while another guessed, "Flaming hot salsa verde." Devo predicted in the comments, "I bet it’s like a BBQ flavor."

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It's unclear when Doritios will reveal what, exactly, the Doritos Flamin' Hot Mystery flavor is. As pointed out, customers didn't learn what 2014's Doritos Jacked mystery flavors were for months. (They turned out to be Spicy Street Taco, Chocolate Chipotle Bacon and Caribbean Citrus Jack, in case you were curious.)

And hey, if spice is your thing but you like to know what flavor to expect in advance, another Doritos new flavor recently dropped: Doritos Baja Fiery Mango.

Happy snacking!

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